How to Make a Billion Dollars in Downtown Los Angeles Real Estate

Downtown Los Angeles Bust to Billions
The Renaissance of Downtown Los Angeles: Transformed from Bust to Billions

For decades, Downtown Los Angeles was the dark center of L.A.  But today, after more than $10 billion of new investment and renovation, the glimmering luster of DTLA is once again shining through.  The revitalization of Downtown is a powerful reminder that we can truly accomplish anything, as we are only limited by our own motivation.  We are empowered by our ability to believe. This article will also reveal how to place that motivation into action with lessons on how to make a billion dollars in real estate.

Downtown is the place to do it:  The new Los Angeles Metro rail system, along with the new home-building power of the Los Angeles Adaptive Re-Use Ordinance, gave a huge boost of momentum to Downtown’s rebirth.  Downtown has also benefited from taking advantage of the nationwide trend toward urbanization.

Along with ambitious plans, hard work and determination, thousands of fortunate, brave and savvy Downtown homeowners have recently gained hundreds of thousands of dollars of equity due to their foresight and willingness to take risks. Downtown has doubled in size since 2000. The amazing opportunities have just begun.


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Now that the Downtown real estate has stabilized with a massive infrastructural boost behind it, recent annual home price gains have also been stable at 8% per year for the last two years. Fortune continues to favor the bold while the nay-sayers lose out and the scaredy-cats are getting left in the dust.

Because homeowners are doing so well with their Downtown real estate investments, it’s difficult to find bargains these days. But they do exist! Investors and would-be Downtowners can get a free list of Downtown distressed properties at Home buyers can also take out some of the risk with a Buyer Savings Guarantee, or Downtown buyers can reduce the risk on the investment with the Love Your Loft Guarantee.  Home sellers and buyers can find out what the loft down the street sold for at


Creativity has long been the key to making the most of Downtown during hard times, and creativity is also the key to capitalizing on its current boom.  Artists have for decades turned ugly, nearly abandoned buildings into beautiful live-work spaces using artistry and ingenuity instead of cash.  The L.A. Loft Blog recently proclaimed that Downtown Los Angeles has made the transition from economical barrio to luxury neighborhood.  Now that the gravy train has arrived (and unfortunately pushed out many starving artists), Downtown is gaining a more wealthy crowd of creatives.  The next steps and next opportunities in Downtown are to complete the transition by transforming the remaining poverty-stricken parts of Downtown (namely Skid Row), maximizing the opportunities and adding lots of polish to the new creation.

Forbes Magazine revealed 4 lessons in a magazine article entitled “How to Make a Billion Dollars in Real Estate.”  Lesson #1 is “Go Where the Money Is.”  Forbes has joined the smart crowd in realizing that Downtown Los Angeles is the ideal place to launch and succeed in our most ambitious endeavors. Business Insider has bestowed upon us not one, not four, but 25 Billion-Dollar trends.

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  1. Hello,
    I found your website trying to look for FHA Approved condos.
    Do you by by chance know if this condo is FHA Approved ?
    Thanks !
    Annalee J.
    L.A. River House is a new condominium development under construction. The price are expected to start in the $400,000s for a one bedroom. See the video and get on the New Homes Interest List at
    Thank you.
    Corey Chambers

  2. Hello I am the list already but want to know how much the monthly home owners fees will be and what they include ie trash. Thanks
    ‎Vielka Maria D‎ to L.A. River House
    Thank you for your question. The developer has not yet released details on the HOA dues and what they cover. You can get on the New Homes Interest List at
    Thanks again.
    Corey Chambers

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