Most Exclusive Condominiums in Downtown Los Angeles – Buying, Selling, Renting

As Downtown Los Angeles transitions into a full-fledged luxury market, buyers, sellers and renters are looking for deals that are better than what the general public is able to get. #realestate #dtla


As the Authority In The Downtown Los Angeles Real Estate Market, the L.A. Loft Blog presents in this article extremely valuable information about exclusivity as the basis for stand-apart success in DTLA real estate. The average home in Downtown is now more than $600,000. The affluent buyer, seller and renter is extremely responsive to and dynamically influenced by exclusivity.

When Downtowners focus on exclusivity, buyers, sellers and renters will switch their mindset and behavior into one alignment and cooperation.

This is a million dollar strategy to start now, if you haven’t. For sellers, concentrate on what is going to attract the largest number of buyers. Buyers get best results when they concentrate on gaining access to the largest number of properties for sale, including the largest number of unlisted homes, pocket listings and off-market properties. Renters find the best deals on the most amazing lofts for lease when they gain access to the unlisted, unadvertised rental bargains.

find-out-soldBUT… let’s make it more exclusive.

Sellers attract the largest number of high-paying buyers  when they can get access to the pre-qualified buyers on retainer, ready to buy. A Guaranteed Sale Program will help to ensure that the property will sell for the most money, fastest and with less hassle guaranteed or the agent will buy it.  Details of this program are at

For buyers, getting priority access to houses the buyer can’t find on their own or on the internet or from most agents. This method of beating out other buyers to hot, new listings is called a VIP Buyer Program. Free access to the program is at while renters can save a lot of time and money by getting exclusive access to more Downtown loft bargains rentals at

Broadway's New Upscale Shopping

Broadway’s New Upscale Shopping

Now that Downtown Los Angeles has become an upscale community, exclusivity is most likely the #1 differentiator for success in a real estate transaction. In an extremely competitive market like Downtown, doing things differently is better. Being different ad-upscale-domain-rsiallows one to bypass some of the competition, thus gaining more access, and saving a lot of money. Being EXCLUSIVE is the best of being different. Exclusive IS different.

Ten years ago, buyers could find exclusive deals on the internet. But today, many buyers might feel empowered by the internet, only to find that the world wide web is no longer exclusive. It is used by virtually everyone.  Anyone involved in Downtown real estate, even renters, must also employ the power of offline in order to reach all of the best opportunities.

Bottom line here and my point is that it’s way easier to be exclusive than it is to be better and many times more powerful, easy to define and measure results as well.  The latest example: Jim and Julie just got their Downtown highrise condominium unit into escrow in record time, at the highest price per square foot ever for that type of unit in the building. At the same time, the buyers were able to get one of the best views in Downtown Los Angeles for the lowest price of any highrise view condo in Downtown. This successful escrow happened because of the exclusive, offline methods employed by both the seller and buyer.  The seller used a Guaranteed Sale Program, while the buyer took advantage of a VIP Buyer Program.

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