Downtown Los Angeles Investment Lofts and Condos

There are many ways that investors can get extra profitable return on investment from a purchase of a Downtown loft or condominium.  This article will mention several.


For Downtown Los Angeles, it starts with a superior return caused by a neighborhood that is undergoing a major transition from bad to good. This gives investors a similar effect to fixing and flipping of a property, but the same effect happens on a larger scale.  The neighborhood revitalization and renaissance is like a macro version of a fix and flip.  Downtown does the work for the investor because much of fixing is being done by the developers and by the city as they restore Downtown to its full glory.  Wealthy residents are moving in as Downtown cleans up its act, providing improved services for homeless while restricting their activities.

New stores, restaurants, entertainment and transportation gives DTLA the infrastructure for rapid growth.  Downtown population has doubled in 10 years as highly educated and creative professionals take root in Downtown’s exciting variety of new lofts and condos. The Arts District has transformed from starving artists to wealthy creative professionals. South Park has transitioned from a place of abandoned buildings of the past to today’s luxury high-rises, entertainment spaces and performance venues.

Investors can gain the quickest look at the best investments with software that tells at a glance which properties can deliver an immediate positive cash flow. A free VIP Buyer Program can send the best investment properties to investors.

Have you ever driven down the street in Downtown L.A. and seen buildings that look interesting? Maybe a condo unit in a beautiful historic loft building, or maybe a smaller building or raw loft building or fixer upper that would make a great investment. See the big picture of Downtown Los Angeles, street by street.


Take a look at this heat map that shows how different Downtown LA is from other neighborhoods. Upon closer inspection, you can see that Downtown has far fewer residences, yet greater demand. Now that Downtown Los Angeles is again a world-class real estate market, local buyers must compete against the world’s most sophisticated investors, including Swiss Banks, and other powerful investors from China, Hong Kong, Korea and the rest of the world, all trying to beat you to the best deals.

Inventory is extremely short and it now takes leading edge technology and tactics to find the best deals. Technology is necessary to change the way we operate in Downtown’s property market with a limited number of foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, bank owned, 3rd party owned.

Now, prospective buyers can see properties on a map with the public records, know who the current owner is, the equity, the approximate value and approximately how much the owner owes on the mortgage, if they are underwater and motivated to sell, or if owned free and clear, so then a buyer with difficult finances can ask for seller financing. Then receive private data, proprietary information about the building and the units for sale, all with color coded heat maps. Prospective buyers can now get access to every property and parcel in the area.

Get the edge. Get priority access to this proprietary information and technology FREE at

Find out what lawsuits and litigation are going on in the building. Also find out which lender will lend on that industrial or commercial loft conversion, which most home lenders will have trouble lending on. Buyers also want to see if there is a tenant or primary resident. One free service provides a list of Downtown investment properties with tenants in place.

With the right technology, investors can analyze potential return on investment, see previous flips and see results for previous investors, and see potential new flips.

Know at a glance if the property will be a the type of investment that you are looking for.

Daily updates with the most accurate data. Get the edge. Get priority access to this proprietary information and technology FREE at

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