End Homelessness in Downtown Los Angeles – Skid Row Casino District #skidrow

Downtown Los Angeles is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the United States, doubling in population in the last 10 years. With new Metro transportation, 50,000 new middle class and wealthy residents, and thousands of new businesses, lofts and luxury condominiums, DTLA has changed its status from blight to boom.

Los Angeles - Skid Row 2004. Streetscenes. San Julian Street: this is one of the worst places in Skid Row. Hundreds of people hang there during the day and most of them use carck ... they smoke it on the side of the street. "If you need cheap crack ... go to San Julian St.!"

But there’s one area of Downtown L.A. that falls short: Skid Row  #homeless

Downtown’s Central City East Skid Row contains one of the largest stable populations (between 3,000 and 6,000) of homeless people in the United States. Every day, these needy people live alone on the sidewalks without proper sanitation, while local residents, workers and visitors must face public urination, defecation, garbage, needles and lawlessness that prevents Los Angeles from attaining its deserved status as a premier world-class city.

Local families, residents, visitors and business owners have the right to walk through the important historic neighborhood while feeling safe and clean.

Local city council members, homeless advocates and judges have all called for more services and low income housing to help take the homeless off of the streets. Skid Row has been the epicenter of this growing problem since before the 1950s. Thus far, despite massive efforts by charities, governments and countless of individuals, the Skid Row homeless problem has only continued to spiral out of control.

Skid Row Downtown Los AngelesThe homeless of Skid Row have the right to live a free life while getting the assistance that they need. At the same time, businesses and families have the right to enjoy a neighborhood that is fully policed. It is not right to wait another 60 years to take effective action. The time is now to take bold steps to help the homeless and clean up the streets of L.A.

All Californians have the right to live, work and enjoy life in a place that is clean and safe. There are now nearly 1,000 commercial and tribal casinos in the United States that have successfully raised billions of dollars for Native American tribes, transforming their local communities.

metropolis01Adding a special world-class entertainment venue to Downtown Los Angeles will attract large amounts of additional revenue from world-wide wealthy travelers, and funnel the money to where it is needed most. The transformation of Skid Row into a family-friendly casino district is the proven way to raise $100 million per year that is needed to clean up skid row, add 6,000 new free and low-cost housing units, create thousands of new jobs, and increase police, security and cleaning in the neighborhood that is absolutely necessary to end the current lawlessness while giving homeless the services, housing and care that they deserve. This high level of funding is absolutely necessary in order to properly care for the homeless while bringing the standards of the entire neighborhood up to the level that is required for a fully realized modern urban center. An added 11% gambling tax will generate the required revenue that includes 1% earmarked to treat and prevent gambling addiction, along with other addictions, providing a balance to pay for new housing, maintenance, homeless care (including contributions to local homeless care charities), police, neighborhood security patrols and cleaning of the gentrified neighborhood.

Please sign the petition to ask the City of Los Angeles and State of California to finally allow the raising of the necessary revenue required for full funding of a revolutionary homeless care program that will finally put an end to the 60-year-old problem of Skid Row homelessness and lawlessness by creating a properly controlled, family-friendly Skid Row Casino District.

Let’s transform Skid Row now!  SIGN THE PETITION

Visit https://www.change.org/p/city-of-los-angeles-los-angeles-county-california-state-house-california-state-senate-end-homelessness-in-skid-row-downtown-los-angeles


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