Downtown Loft Bargains For Sale – SB Grand, Santee and Little Tokyo Lofts

Downtown Loft Bargains For Sale – SB Grand, Santee and Little Tokyo Lofts

Of the few Downtown lofts for sale under $400,000 remaining, which are the best?  This post of the the L.A. Loft Blog will compare the bargain loft buildings in terms of livability and investment potential.

Unlisted Properties Downtown Los Angeles
Unlisted Properties Downtown Los Angeles

If there is one concept that Downtown Los Angeles has proven, it is that a superior investment is created when a neighborhood is transformed from bad to good.  Over the past 10 years, we have seen that hold true for Downtown districts, buildings and individual units as well.  Up-and-coming neighborhoods make the best investments.  When a property is purchased during a down cycle or during a troubled time, and then the neighborhood, building or property experiences some kind of improvement, owners see an extra $50,000 go into their equity.  Most buyers who purchased during the down cycle of 2011 to 2012 have already seen gains of $100,000 to $200,000 or more.

Little Tokyo lofts - big lofts with views and bright windows
Little Tokyo lofts – big lofts with views and bright windows

There are many other opportunities to buy low.  Some of these extraordinary opportunities are troubled buildings that are improving, and troubled units that can improve.  More than 20% of listings over the past several years have been in buildings involved with some kind of lawsuit.  The lawsuit often causes the lenders to to stop financing lofts in the building, and the lawsuit usually depresses the price considerably until the lawsuit is settled.  This has been the case with nearly 100% of the Downtown HOA-to-developer lawsuits in the past 10 years.  When the problem is solved, the owners have gained an extra $50,000 almost immediately.

Apply these principles to today’s Downtown real estate market to see which are the best bargains and best investments.  Most Little Tokyo lofts are above $400,000 today because one has a Downtown skyline view, and the other is a large loft with Southern exposure and view, both with excellent parking and guest parking.

Santee Village mostly has units with parking a block away in Skid Row.  Many buyers and renters find this parking situation to be a big turn off.

SB Grand Downtown Los Angeles Loft For Sale
SB Grand Downtown Los Angeles Loft For Sale – the greatest transformation presents the best investment today

SB Grand is known for being the most troubled of the buildings in Downtown.  As we have learned, old trouble means money in the bank if the troubles are changing in a positive manner.  ShyBary Grand provides this unique investment opportunity because it had lawsuits recently, plus a high renter ratio, and SB could not get any financing at all.  This depressed the price greatly.  Just last month, a reliable lender confirmed that they will finance in the SB Grand with 20% down. This is the type of big change that instantly makes SB Grand a better investment.  Those who purchased in the past 12 months have already seen huge equity gains, and those buying in the next 6 months will also likely see an extra $25,000 or more almost instantly due to the financial transformation from unlendable to lendable.

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