Loft Loans: How Loft Financing is Different, and How to Find L.A. Loft Lenders

Lofts usually require a loft lender.  This post will help you understand why, and will inform you on which buildings need a loft lender, and will guide you toward finding the right loft lender for the right building.

L.A. Loft Loans

L.A. Loft Loans

More than half of the homes for sale in Downtown Los Angeles are industrial or commercial buildings that have been converted to live-work residential buildings under the Los Angeles Adaptive Re-use Ordinance.  These structures were built for business, and they are still listed in the records as industrial and commercial buildings, with a note added that they are currently used for residential purposes recognized by the U.S. Postal Service and by most other organizations.

Not everyone sees, understands or observes the ordinance however.  Some real estate professionals, such as home loan companies and most banks, run into confusion and failure when they attempt to lend money on a loft.   The home loan company usually has no knowledge or experience with lofts.  They likely have never heard of an adaptive re-use ordinance.  A problem often occurs when a home loan company or credit union is asked to finance a loft because they initially approve the borrower without looking at the property.  The lender does not begin to check the property until it is in escrow, and sometimes does not finish checking the building until after the buyer has signed off on the contingencies.  The home lender then calls the buyer with devastating news: “… of course we cannot lend on commercial buildings; we are a residential lender.”  The buyer is then faced with losing the property or paying $100 per day for delays.

Loft Lender Karen Chiu

Downtown L.A. Loft Lenders Come Through

This is one of the most common home-buying disasters in Downtown Los Angeles.  This problem is most likely to happen when the loft seller uses an out-of-area agent and the buyer also uses an agent who is not a Downtown specialist.  They have no idea of this common problem.  They also have no idea about the lawsuits related to 20% of the listings and other issues that Downtown buyers need help with.  Buildings with lawsuits often require a litigation lender.  These are some of the main reasons why buyers in sellers in Downtown should consider using Downtown specialist agents and loft specialist lenders.

Why You Should Consider A Loft Lender

A loft lender has the experience and resources of many lenders, including banks, mortgage companies and portfolio lenders, to offer a variety of products, including loft loans, condo loans and home loans.

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  3. Because she is the most successful and most reliable residential lender for Downtown condos, Karen Chiu has been absolutely vital to the success of my Downtown loft real estate business. While other lenders have failed or created unnecessary delays much of the time, Karen has been virtually 100% accurate and reliable on everything from pre-approvals to closing times. She has completed hundreds of transactions for our team on time, with 100% satisfaction. When I describe Karen to clients, I inform them that she is not just better, but literally ten times better than other lenders. An essential and integral component to my achievement as a Top 1% buyer’s agent in the City of Los Angeles for 2013, Karen Chiu is consistently the safest and most profitable way to go for buyers, sellers, developers, brokers and anyone who relies on consistently dependable home financing.


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