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How to sell a Downtown Loft or Condo - New Homes on the L.A. River $499,000
How to sell a Downtown Loft or Condo – New Homes on the L.A. River $499,000

For most people, the sale of their home is one of the 5 most important financial transactions of their life.

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When it comes time for you to choose a real estate agent, you’ll trust the handle of sale of your loft or condo, you’ll need to choose very carefully.¬†In this special article, we’ll be sharing with you good and timely information on the home selling process so you can make the best possible decision when selling your home. We’ll also be sharing with you a truly unique home selling system that’s different and better than what’s being offered by other area real estate agents. ¬†In fact, by the end of this article, you’ll realize that you’re lucky to be selling a loft or condo here in Downtown Los Angeles, because you can hire local real estate agent, Corey Chambers, the inventor of a world-renowned real estate selling system, to find more money in less time with less hassle.¬†Not only have Corey and his team used this system with great success locally, but over 18,000 real estate agents from across North America pay to license this same system to better serve their clients in their marketplaces.

Corey Chambers’ credentials as a real estate agent are impressive. In fact, Corey has been the number one home seller in the entire Greater Greater Los Angeles Area out of all the agents from all the companies. He’s been one of the Top 10¬†Entar 5-Star agents worldwide, and, as a Craig Proctor Platinum Agent, in the Top 300 out of over 100,000 Realtors for the past 3¬†years. ¬†Corey has helped over 4,000 families to search, buy, sell or lease a home. With many coming to him after having horrible experiences, false starts, and long delays to now enjoying the kind of smooth experience that occurs when working with a true professional.¬†Now let’s find out more about Corey Chambers, how and why using him and his team will help make you sell your home for money in less time with a lot less hassle.

Corey Chambers: “My success has come from not doing the same old things that other real estate agents are doing. I found I had to go outside of the real estate industry to find the answers. I really wanted to find a better way, a more innovative way to serve my clients.”
Corey Chambers has been one of the top Entar 5-Star agents in the world. He began his career in 2000, helping renters with online information and videos about lofts¬†in Downtown L.A. Real estate and Entar 5-Star are a family¬†tradition for Corey, as he followed in his father¬†Bill’s footsteps into real estate by becoming a Entar 5-Star agent.
Both Bill and Corey still work for the same Entar 5-Star franchise, becoming the number one agent within the Entar 5-Star organization in 2014. It was just the beginning of a stellar career in real estate. Since then, Corey Chambers has been a fixture in the top 10 list for Entar 5-Star and has gone on to receive not only the Platinum Award, but also the Capper Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award. He and his team have consistently closed hundreds of transactions over recent years. Arguably, no other Entar 5-Star agent in the past 5 years has consistently excelled to the level he has. Corey Chambers has been featured in many national and local publications, as well as on radio.

Now that you have some background on Corey Chambers, you may be thinking to yourself, “Good for Corey,” but you may also be thinking, “How does Corey’s success benefit me?” The bottom line is Corey’s success means your success because Corey and his team sell a lot more homes in the area than their competitors. Financially, they can do more and spend more money to advertise and market your home, including offer you innovative consumer programs that not only make your home selling process easier, but are designed to increase what you get in your pocket when your home is sold.

Loft Seller¬†Testimonial: Corey Chambers helped us sell our unit in the Alta lofts. We were the first resale in the building. The amount of time it took for us to sell is just shy of 30 days and he got us $60,000 more than we were asking for. The comps in the area were not very good for us, but because we had an all cash offer, it worked out great for us. I would recommend Corey Chambers to anyone selling in the L.A. area. He is the best agent we‚Äôve had, and a great representative. Because of our sale with Corey Chambers, we were able to put 20% down on a new purchase. We are currently in the Fullerton area, and we love it. Without Corey, we would not have such a stable financial situation with the 20% down. We are very grateful to Corey. ¬†— Olga Theodossis, Homeland Security Professional

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It may surprise you to learn that 69% of home sellers do not go back with their past real estate agent to do another transaction. Some of the top reasons that people cite as to why they wouldn’t use the same agent again include poor communication, the agent promised a selling price or speed of sale that was unrealistic. ¬†Another complaint is the agent wasn’t experienced or perhaps was less experienced than he or she represented themselves to be and had later became apparent. The agent wasted a lot of his client’s time, showing the home to a lot of unqualified buyers. ¬†Many complain the agent didn’t do enough, didn’t advertise, or didn’t get the home presented to other agents and he or she basically just stuck a sign on the lawn and placed it on a multiple listing service. We asked Corey what makes working with him different?¬†Corey Chambers responds, “It’s true many people

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think that all real estate agents are the same. While it’s true that we do some of the same things, we’re certainly not all the same. We have to understand that most people don’t go through this process of selling their home many times in their lives, because it’s not something that people think too much about. There really is that misconception. This would¬†be like saying that all doctors and all hospitals do basically the same things. For example, some hospitals have a much higher success rate with heart operations than other hospitals. then there’s world class doctors that people would travel thousands of miles to see. Then there’s other doctors who struggle to get enough patients to eke out a living in their own hometowns,” states Corey, “When you hire me, get me and my elite team of top producing agents and expert assistants for the same price as hiring a single agent that works all by themselves. My team is trained, coaches, and personally supervised daily by me. You’ve got all these working together to get your home sold so nothing is missed.

Unlike other real estate agents who work all by themselves, who are distracted by the dozens of essential activities that have to get done to get a home sold, we are organized and equipped to efficiently and successfully manage a lot of transactions, yet have each one of our clients feel as if they’re the only client,” Corey continues; “There’s really no need for you to compromise. There’s no reason at all to sacrifice having the most successful real estate selling machine working for you and, at the same time, get personalized VIP treatment. AS well as my team, I built a complete marketing and client service system that’s designed not to disappoint my customers.”

I used Corey Chambers as my Realtor to sell my condo, and it worked out great. He had written guarantees to sell the place. I wanted about $380,000 for it, and he was able to get me $415,000 — which was amazing — I was not expecting that much! It was simple. Every time I had a question, he got right back to me and answered it, and it worked out great. I’m very happy.¬†— Joyce Yeich, Television Production Designer

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If you’re thinking that your choice of agent really isn’t that important, consider this: according to the Greater Los Angeles Real Estate Board, only 58.6% of properties listed are sold within the term of the agent’s listing contract. That’s in a hot market. 42% – that’s 4 out of 10 home sellers that were disappointed.¬†However, during this same time period, Corey Chambers and his team sold 86.7% of their listing. That’s nearly 9 out of every 10 of his clients that experienced a successful result. Corey Chambers puts his money where his mouth is. Corey will even guarantee to buy your home himself if he can’t sell it.

Corey says “It’s my guaranteed sales program that really, really sets me apart from my competitors. You see, when you list your home with me, I give you an upfront guarantee in writing that I will sell your existing home for the pre-agreed price or more during the term of the listing, or I will buy it myself. Some conditions do apply, but with this guarantee, I am the one that takes the risk, not you. With this program, you’ll never ever get stuck owning 2 homes, he continues, “Frankly, the reason I’m able to make this commitment to my sellers is because my homes sell. That should give you a peace of mind, knowing that when you list your home with me, your home will be sold.

Corey is the best realtor I have worked with by far. He is the most intelligent, intuitive, resourceful and creative realtor I have ever encountered. I will recommend him to everyone I know without any hesitation. He has been so patient with me which I really appreciate and has always listened to me. He had real conversations with me weighing the pros and cons of different options. He never once lost patience or got frustrated. ¬†— ¬†Lauren Han, Attorney

Corey Chambers and his team will also give you a communications guarantee, where you’ll receive a weekly update phone call on the progress of the sale of your home and honest promises guarantee, where they’ll tell you exactly what they can and will do, exactly how they operate in upfront, clear language, a reality-based selling price range.¬†Corey and his team will get you top dollar. Their track record and statistics prove this. They don’t play the bait and switch game of promising you a wholly unrealistic price just to get your listing.

A realty-based time table: Corey and his team implement a complete marketing system to sell your home. You’d know in advance what will occur step-by-step and you’ll receive weekly marketing updates. Together, you and the team set a target range for the timing of the successful sale of your home. They’d give you an honest presentation of experience and track records. ¬†Finally, they’d get you a qualified buyer guarantee. They guarantee not to waste your time to show your home to unqualified buyers.

Corey Chambers: “With these guarantees, we set ourselves apart from all of our competitors by being accountable to you.”

Corey Chambers helped us to sell our home for 101% of asking price, all cash, 24% faster than the average sale in the building. Corey then helped us to find a larger home and to negotiate a fair price with repairs included. He was very responsive to calls and if he didn’t know the answer to a question that we had, he always found the answer out in a timely manner. We plan to use Corey again in future real estate transactions and highly recommend him to others especially if you are looking in the downtown area. ¬† — ¬†Tammy Johnson and Mike Barker

Your Home Sold GUARANTEED or I'll Buy It* -- Corey Chambers
Corey Has the Buyers for Downtown Los Angeles

Corey Chambers and his team use 16 different key systems to market your home. Of the 16, many agents do 2 of them. Some agents might do 4 or 5 of them. But hardly anybody even tries to do all 16. This is really important because more marketing, more diversified marketing cast a bigger net to a bigger pool of potential buyers, which causes home sellers to sell their homes for more money and sell them faster.¬†A team approach, complete marketing, and customer service. Corey is not the type of agent who sticks a sign out on your lawn and puts your property on the MLS – the multiple listing service – and prays that it will sell. ¬†Corey actually spends thousands of dollars advertising his listings directly to buyers to make it easy for them to get information on your home. This is accomplished with Corey Chambers’s exclusive city-wide buyers network and buyers-in-waiting program – both developed by Corey.

How does it work? Because of a large volume of listings that Corey Chambers and his team have at any one time, top producing agents in the marketplace, particularly those who are predominantly buyer’s agents and represent buyers, pay close attention to Corey Chambers and his listings. ¬†As part of Corey Chambers’s exclusive city-wide buyers network, these real estate agents know that when they sell homes listed and represented by Corey and his team, every “I” has been dotted and every “T” crossed. They know their buyer will have a smooth, fail-safe experience with Corey’s team.¬†Corey maintains a close working relationship with these agents and investors. They welcome his e-mail and text alerts of the newest homes he has available.

Corey Chambers: “When I pull the trigger on your listing, when everything is 100% market-ready, this entire exclusive network of agents representing, at any given moment, hundreds of buyers that are searching for their next home will automatically receive information on your property. ¬†With my buyers-in-waiting program, where we spend a substantial amount of money, time, and energy in maintaining this large list of buyers waiting to hear from my team that we have found the perfect home for them. It’s almost as if we’ve been looking for a buyer for your home before we even list it for sale. ¬†This is just an example of the programs that I have in place to sell your home faster and for more money.”

Corey Chambers was the first real estate agent in the area to give his clients access to a free 24-hour talking ad service. That gives him the ability to listen to recorded real estate information 24/7 on any home that interests them without talking to a real estate sales person. Because of this, Corey and his team have discovered they are actually able to triple the number of inquiries on their client’s home. More buyers means more money.

Another of Corey Chambers’s innovative consumer programs is his unique Sunday Tour of Homes. Corey has revolutionized the traditional open property. Instead of taking clients out of their home for 3 or 4 hours, he’s pioneered what he calls the Sunday Tour of Homes.
Here’s how it works: each home is open for only 10 minutes and then there is 10 minutes travel time to the next property, and so on, throughout the afternoon.

Corey Chambers: “More than just convenience for the home seller, the real benefit of my Sunday Tour of Homes is the auction effect that’s created. Because each property is only open for a specific 10-minute period, by design, we’re driving all the buyers to your home at exactly the same time, creating competition – what I would like to refer to as the auction effect, which, in many cases, causes multiple offers. Of course, that’s the real benefit of having more buyers and more competition, it means a higher sales price for the home.
Clients: It’s allowed us to, in turn, spend a little bit more time on Sunday at the home without necessarily getting out of the property for an open property. I found, at the completion of the tour, that the property is ours again and we can get on with our day-to-day lives.”

Objectively assessing a home’s maximum but realistic sales price correctly is a real science. Corey Chambers and his team monitors sales prices day in and day out in every neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles. They’ve established prices for hundreds of homes. That’s more than any other agent in the Greater Los Angeles area. In short, they are the proven truth in pricing experts.

Corey goes on to say, “We give our clients truthful and frank advice on pricing. Then we negotiate with buyers to get you, our home seller, the full asking price. We believe that you should list your home with the agent that has the best track record for actually obtaining the highest price, not just list with the agent who tells you the highest price.¬†Most home sellers understand that the sale of their home is a very important financial transaction. Most home sellers have a profound preference for dealing with the best,” Corey elaborates, “There’s a very big difference between just getting your home sold and getting your home sold right. Track record is very important. I really believe it’s the measuring stick as to how effective a real estate agent’s marketing efforts are.¬†Anybody can promise anything, but what you need to do is you need to look at an agent’s actual documented track record to see how their promises are kept. We’re happy to show you an entire year’s worth of transactions with both the original asking price and the final sales price. In fact, our track record is so impressive that over 99% of the homes that we list sell for between 95% and 110% of the home seller’s original asking price.”

Remember, Corey Chambers’s system for selling propertys is so successful that other real estate agents from across Canada and the US pay a licensing fee to use this system in their marketplace. How many real estate agents at Downtown Los Angeles can say that they have 18,000 other real estate agents pay to use the same¬†success system? The answer is one: Corey Chambers.

Since selling a home is a major financial transaction, why wouldn’t you hire the most successful and experienced real estate agent to sell your home?

After spending time researching and studying Corey Chambers’s home selling system, I can summarize the main reasons you want to have your home sold by Corey Chambers and his team.¬†The first reason is speed. Their team will sell your home fast. That’s not an empty promise; it’s a fact. In hot markets or slow markets, in every part of your region, their selling speed is well-known.

The second reason is top dollar. Corey and his team will sell your home for the absolute most amount of money that the market will bear.

The third reason you’d want to use them is they take care of the sale of your home. There is little or no hassle. Corey and his team will sell your home with every “I” dotted and every “T” crossed.

Finally, I really believe the most important reason to hire Corey Chambers and his team is that they’re the safe bet. Corey Chambers’s been involved with¬†real estate here in Downtown Los Angeles since 2002. He has been the top agent for the past 4¬†consecutive years.

In closing, why take a chance for the less-experienced or less successful agent who cannot provide the same facts or provide the statistics and the same certainty to you? Honestly, I don’t know.¬†I hope everyone reading this¬†will decide that they should trust Corey and his team with one of the most important financial transactions of their life.

For those who want to move forward and discuss the sale of their home with Corey or, at the very least, get more information at no cost or obligation, contact Corey directly at 213-880-9910 or email

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Most sellers of Downtown Los Angeles lofts and condos would like to provide a floor plan to buyers so that the buyer can easily see and remember the layout of the property.


Unfortunately, most resale loft, condo and houses do not have any floor plans, and most owners do not know how to easily obtain one. #floorplan #freestuff

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Copyright ¬© 2016 This free information provided courtesy L.A. Loft Blog and with information provided by Corey Chambers, Realty Source Inc, BRE#01889449 We are not associated with the homeowner’s association or developer. For more information, contact (213) 880-9910 or visit ¬†Licensed in California. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. Properties subject to prior sale or rental. This is not a solicitation if buyer or seller is already under contract with another broker.

How to Sell a Difficult Downtown Condominium or Loft for Top Dollar


Some buildings are more difficult than others to sell fast, sell for the most money and sell with the least hassle. Two of the fastest and easiest buildings to sell in are Barker Block and 1100 Wilshire.  Two examples of the slowest and most difficult to sell are the SB Grand Lofts and Bunker Hill Tower Condominiums.

Each Downtown building has its own unique challenges and its own beneficial features. ¬†The attributes that make SB a more challenging sale are quite different from those features that make Bunker Hill Tower difficult to sell. For one example, SB Grand has an issue with a very high renter ratio and homeless loitering outside. ¬†Bunker Hill Tower, on the other hand, has almost no homeless nearby. It suffers from sort of the opposite problem of being too safe¬†and too stodgy. ¬†The good news is that both are changing and improving, but, condo units in these buildings take longer — an average of more than 60 days to sell.

What can a seller do today to mitigate these difficult to sell circumstances and sell the units faster and for more money?

In addition to specialized knowledge about the building and neighborhood, a quick sale of a Downtown loft or condo requires focusing on the most important aspects of the home sale.

Here are the top 4 Big Things to Focus on for Successful Downtown Home Sale:

#1 Get More Money – Chambers Team gets you 2.2% more of the asking price
#2 Sell Your Home Faster – Chambers Team sells homes 44% faster
#3 More Likely to Sell – Chambers Team homes are 16% more likely to sell
#4 More buyers in a Data Base looking for a home

Your Home Sold GUARANTEED or I’ll Buy It*

No Gimmicks! For information on my exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program, order a Free Report by visiting

To find out how much you can sell your home for and how long it will take, call Corey at (213) 880-9910


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HOA includes electricity, air conditioning, heating, water, gas, cable, internet, insurance
Bunker Hill Tower – How to sell for more money, faster and with less hassle

*seller and Corey must agree on price and time of possession. Realty Source Inc BRE#01889449

How to Find Downtown Los Angeles Rentals, Homes For Sale and Loft Prices

Here’s a couple of How To videos on finding lofts and condos for lease and for sale.


These videos show how to make the most of the L.A. Loft Blog to find rentals and lofts to buy, how to find home prices, and how to take advantage of advanced features and services that give priority access to proprietary information to help beat out others to the best deals, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars.


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SEARCH LOFTS FOR SALE UNDER $400,000  |  $800,000,  |   $30,000,000
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