We Got Him! Fraudster Drew Christian Donovan in Jail

Prolific Con-Man Christian Andrews AKA Drew Christian Donovan AKA Jimmy Wayne Jackson Has Been Caught  #dtla #realestate #fraud

donovan-in-jail-j-c-300REAL ESTATE NEWS ¬†(September 11, 2017)¬†Los Angeles, CA ¬†‚ÄĒ ¬†Thanks to the smart readers of the L.A. Loft Blog, and due to the quick work of the San Diego Police Department, swindler Drew Donovan has been captured before he can destroy the finances of any more innocent victims. ¬†After wreaking havoc on the financial welfare of anyone whom he could get ahold of, including local families with children, disabled persons, even inflicting malevolent damage to sophisticated real estate industry professionals and homeowners in Los Angeles, the bad guy is finally off the street.

The L.A. Loft Blog first covered¬†in May of 2017 the story about the fake philanthropist then going by the name Christian Andrews, taking several Los Angeles area locals by offering to pay off all of their bills, give them new cars, even million-dollar homes such as Downtown lofts and Solaire luxury high-rise condos in Koreatown. His foray into real estate fraud is what brought him down, as he tangled with the wrong group of savvy people. With powerful communication and hard work, the LA Loft Blog and its readers have toppled LA’s dangerous money menace.

The LA Loft Blog first became aware of the charlatan when he contacted our office requesting assistance with a Downtown loft purchase.  After receiving fake proof of funds, fake earnest money deposit initiation receipts and other phony financial instruments, the L.A. Loft Blog learned that the trickster has defrauded more than 100 individuals, families, mothers, children, elderly, disabled out of more than $1,000,000 in the Greater L.A. Area (see the original story).

Arrested ¬†— ¬†Going by the fake name Christian Andrews, and carrying a California driver license that says Drew Christian Donovan, the supremely skilled deceiver has this week been outwitted by the caring community of L.A. Loft Blog readers and writers. When the scammer tried to lure them into one of his “free real estate” traps, real estate agent Norma Fernandez and her quick-witted client Joshua Alvarez checked the L.A. Loft Blog, which confirmed their suspicions. They wasted no time calling police. ¬†San Diego Police Department responded quickly, checked diligently, and then took cheater Donovan into custody on existing felony warrants for violating his probation and writing big, bad checks.

To help keep this menace locked away for a long time, those with any information may share it with police and with the L.A. Loft Blog at report@laloftblog.com or call (213) 880-9910.

See the San Diego Sheriff Who’s In Jail website is http://apps.sdsheriff.net/wij/wij.aspx¬†(Search Drew Donovan).¬†Learn more at the original LA Loft Blog article, and the Catch Drew Donovan blog website created by some of his victims at https://catchdrewdonovan.wordpress.com



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Donovan/Andrews/Jackson taken off the street thanks to the L.A. Loft Blog readers and San Diego Police.
Donovan/Andrews/Jackson put away thanks to L.A. Loft Blog readers and San Diego Police.

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