How L.A. Loft Blog Readers Became 1700% Wealthier This Year – Real Estate and Bitcoin



More millionaires and billionaires were made in 2017 than any other year in history. Some of them right here in Downtown Los Angeles. ¬†For the L.A. Loft Blog, this has been our best year ever. ¬†But, when opportunity knocks, the average person does not usually hear it. ¬†While those with rising wealth always have a eye out for possibilities, the average middle class and struggling person is too busy trying to survive. ¬†They are focused on living for today or just making next month’s rent, so they pass up on the opportunities for rapid growth. Personal growth is also limited by negative thinking. That is why changing our thinking is always the first step to making a quantum leap in personal wealth. The 2nd step is positive action. #realestate

When the L.A. Loft Blog foretold of real estate that was so cheap that homes purchased in 2011 would turn out to be the closest thing to a free home, a few took advantage and purchased Downtown lofts for around $150,000 that have nearly tripled in value to $400,000 just 6 years later. For one’s net worth, that kind of equity growth is much better than a free home. ¬†In another instance, when the L.A. Loft Blog started the new year on January 2 by informing of the Top 10 best real estate investments followed by the Top Ten non- real estate investments, a few took advantage and purchased the #1 investment on the list, Bitcoin. ¬†Those who did saw each $1,000 turn into today’s $17,000. Let’s rejoice in one of the best investments in history! #bitcoin

Even so, some still think it’s a bit crazy and disconnected to discuss Bitcoin and real estate in same blog post. ¬†Their thinking will of course prove to be short-sided as Bitcoin and real estate are already coming together. ¬†This year, the first recorded Bitcoin real estate transaction took place in Texas. ¬†Some websites are now listing real estate for sale with Bitcoin asking prices.

Today, our research shows that a major price adjustment is likely very soon for Bitcoin, so we are informing L.A. Loft blog readers that it is smart to invest just a little to learn about quickly evolving cryptocurrencies. #millsact

The tangible, useful benefits of real estate cannot be replaced by a Bitcoin, but in the future, a single Bitcoin will buy a beautiful home. That same home will later prove to be a better investment for the super long term as the original Bitcoin will return to its origin near nothingness.

Today, we are also informing that home prices will likely show some kind of plateau or down correction in the coming years, but home ownership will still be a much better deal and a far better investment than renting for the vast majority as the net worth of home owners has skyrocketed.

El Dorado Lofts Historic Core
Historic Mills Act Lofts Property Tax Benefits

Those who prefer to rent can still take advantage of Bitcoin and real estate.  Several Loft Blog readers have taken advantage and purchases multiple rental income homes across the U.S. under $50,000 each.

The window of opportunity is always open somewhere, this is especially true in the revitalizing neighborhoods of Downtown Los Angeles.

Opportunities are knocking in Downtwon Los Angeles!

Investors and first time home buyers don’t want to miss new construction, Mills Act, distress sales, bank owned, for sale by owner, expired, foreclosures,¬†REO, company owned, estate sales, probate sale,¬†escrow fallouts,¬†cancelled contracts, expired listings, listings on hold,¬†vacant homes, divorce sales,¬†auctions,¬†pre-auctions, pre-foreclosure, raw loft,¬†off market,¬†private listings, unlisted lofts, pocket listings,¬†need-to-sell now homes and unclaimed homes. Other homes have big advantages with low HOA dues or reduced property taxes.

There are still some underpriced Mills Act homes in Downtown Los Angeles that offer big property tax benefits for helping to maintain beautiful historic buildings. Get a free list of Mills Act lofts. Fill out the online form:


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