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Yesterday, thousands of readers were gripped by the LA Loft Blog post that went viral across the internet. Real estate is one of the best investments for the new year. It’s the biggest investment made by the average person, but does not need to be an extremely large investment.  #rental #income #homes


With its amazing transformation, Downtown Los Angeles attracts up to 100 new residents per day.  And did you know that the Downtown area now provides more than 500,000 jobs? Yes, it’s true. The neighborhood that many had left for dead in the 1980’s is now one of the leading hotspots for all kinds of opportunities. Check out yesterday’s list of the top 5 best Downtown real estate investments. The post went viral and was the most read post of the past 30 days. It’s at

While Downtown lofts are super exciting to many first time Downtown home buyers and investors, most buyers cannot afford the $657,214 average price of a Downtown loft, and they cannot afford to carry the property at a loss until it finally reaches a positive cash flow. Take a look at the property pin map above that shows negative cash flow properties in Downtown (red pins) and then see the positive cash flow of some other American neighborhoods (green pins) below. This is the fastest method that real estate professionals use to determine investment value and profitabiity.

Average investors can get a property with a much faster positive cash flow, lower purchase price and bigger cash-on-cash return. Request a free list of America’s best rental income homes from $40,000.  Get free information from or fill out the online form:


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