The Quantum Physics of Downtown Los Angeles Lofts and Condominiums For Sale

Downtown LA Real Estate Market Analysis

While this article is about real estate news, we’re going to take advantage of what scientists, mathematicians and quantum physicists have learned recently so the LA Loft Blog can help DTLA home buyers, sellers, renters and landlords today to take a quantum leap in wisdom, wealth and happiness.  #downtownla #realestate #news


It turns out that there’s more truth than they thought when it comes to finding something that we like, and getting that special “vibe” or wave form.

Everything is Waves

What we once thought was real and tangible turns out to be waves… vibrations. It takes years of local neighborhood market knowledge to help lead buyers to the best matches of the buyer’s home buying criteria so that the buyer can find the right place and catch the right vibe.

Quantum Physics is Probabilistic

Scientists have recently learned that it’s impossible to predict with certainty the outcome of an experiment. We can only calculate how likely or unlikely the outcome is. Sound familiar? That’s always been obvious with the dismal science of economics, especially real estate. Fortunately, we can use numbers to determine if financial success is likely, and best of all, we don’t need to use any math to know if we like something —  in the right circumstances, the “vibe” can tell us that with absolute certainty. Just remember to calculate the probability of risk from Downtown lawsuits, assessments and loft lending issues.


There’s a Lot More Than Meets the Eye

Unfortunately, we humans are only able to see a tiny slice of all that exists, and then we can only see what happens to match our own human consciousness.  Almost all things in the universe are either not visible, too small, too large or too far away to see. That’s especially true in Downtown real estate.  The L.A. Loft Blog has reported that up to 45% of the best deals on the most amazing lofts are never seen by most buyers and never hear of by most real estate professionals or the internet. Out of sight and out of mind, yet most buyers miss out on the ideal home because of this. These are called pocket listings, off-market or unlisted properties for sale. It takes special technology to find them.

Downtown Market Analysis

real-estate-statistics161017For you mathematicians, there’s the real statistics from The MLS, the recent numbers on the Downtown Los Angeles real estate market place so far this October. Take a look at the PDF report prepared by the LA Loft Blog:

Market-Analysis-October-2016 (pdf)

For those who are really into science and technology, Downtown real estate can be much more productive by using real estate technologies that other buyers don’t know about.  Get the edge. Get priority access to proprietary information and technology FREE at or fill out the online form:


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