Positive Cash Flow Income Properties from $39,000 – How to Get More For Less

While most Downtown LA homes are now selling at a negative cash flow, some investors are getting 6.6% to 56.6% Cash on Cash Return on America’s best turn-key investment income properties starting around $39,000.

This is really good news for Downtown and LA area prospective home buyers who are looking for good investments that they don’t need to live in. Many renters enjoy their lifestyle in Downtown, or sometimes highly mobile lifestyles, and they would like to own a property and possibly be a landlord of a rental property that can bring retirement income.

While Downtown LA lofts and condos have been superior investments for several years, not everyone can afford $400,000 to $800,000 or more to buy a property.  Also, the rents are no longer keeping pace with monthly mortgage, HOA and other expenses in the Los Angeles area.  For those who need an immediate positive cash flow, getting more a lot more money than paying out monthly, Los Angeles may not be the best place to invest in the current market.  There are other parts of the country that can possibly offer a better, much faster return on investment.  But how can someone in Southern California find, buy, repair, market and manage a property that is 2,000 miles away?

The best answer to the cash flow, repair/maintenance and property management questions may be turn-key tenant-in-pace investment income properties that have already been picked out by an experienced professional who has purchased hundreds of profitable bargain properties, already rehabilitated the properties, already hired proven reliable property managers, and has even already moved qualified renters into the homes. Imagine that — just about everything has already been done! Now a regular person can simply buy a bargain property and start receiving monthly rental checks from the management company.  If you think that sounds efficient, you are not the only one. Justin W. just closed on his income property a few days ago.  More are available. Check these out:


To get a free report on these low-cost, positive cash flow turn-key properties, get a free report. Fill out the online form:

How well do these properties perform for the owners? How does it all work?  Happy investment home owners can say it best.  Here’s Justin’s story:

Corey did an awesome job, not only helping me end up with my first investment property, but also in helping me understand real estate investment in general.

We started by looking at lofts in Los Angeles and I wasn’t quite sure yet how I wanted to invest, but Corey was very patient with me. We looked at various lofts in Atwater Village, South Pasadena and downtown. At the end of the day, I decided that the prices for me at this time are too high in Los Angeles, so Corey introduced me to his friend, Alan, who helps people get investment properties all over the country that are connected to excellent property management companies, and have a relatively low price to buy and a high demand for rent. After some conversations with Alan and looking at a few spreadsheets he’d prepared about various properties around the country, I decided to take a look at some of them for myself.

On a cold morning in Detroit, I met Alan for breakfast and we headed out the suburbs of Detroit to look at some properties. They were all solid investments, mostly between 50-60k to buy, with rents between 7 to 900 per month, providing instant positive cash flow. We also met a representative from the property management company and he quickly put my mind at ease, running through their process for things like repairs, autopay, and filling vacancies. He said the only time they generally have trouble with tenants is when th owner gets too involved. All the tenants seemed happy and heard working, mostly young families. Wanting to be as hands off in that department as possible (due to distance and work schedule), I was happy to hear that they are proactive I that department. They also stay on top of repairs. Alan advised me to just go ahead and approve repairs right away. There’s no sense in trying to skimp or haggle with that sort of stuff. In the long run its better to be proactive with repairs, keep the property looking good and up to date, and the tenants happy.

After I returned home, I considered my options and settled on a nice, sturdy three bedroom on a quiet suburban street in Roseville, MI.

Alan was able to help me find a lender and facilitate the sale. In the time the property was in escrow, the place was rented to a family who I’m told love the place and have a newborn baby for more than I had been anticipating in my calculations. The property is already more profitable than I thought.

I couldn’t be happier with how the whole experience has gone.

Ultimately, this is the moral of the story. I told Corey what I wanted to achieve in terms of an investment (I wanted a low risk, low maintanence, positive cash flow investment in my budget), and he pointed me in the right direction and helped that dream become a reality. I was considering any number of terrible, high risk investments before I met Corey, and who knows what I would have done to myself. Alan was also instrumental in my education as well, having been in the real estate world for many years learning through trial and error. My hat is off to the both of you and I couldn’t be more greatful.

— Justin W.


Get more info on American’s best turn-key income properties at https://laloft.wufoo.com/forms/m70zadb0n958wg or call Corey at (213) 880-9910.

It’s been exciting to help million dollar buyers and sellers in Downtown Los Angeles. Today, I’m even more excited to help people turn small investments into immediate positive cash flow with infinite returns.

corey-ritz-dtla-eHi I’m Corey Chambers. You know me as the Downtown Los Angeles real estate professional, publisher of the LA Loft Blog and the SoCal Home Blog. Overall, nothing beats the Southern California lifestyle, and that is why Southern California real estate has been a great investment for many decades. My most recent client is very happy with their purchase of an amazing penthouse level loft with lots of windows and light in the most creative neighborhood in the world, the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. Congratulations to them!! But, the fact is that most potential real estate investors do not have $700,000 to $900,000 cash to buy an Arts District loft.

Today, we are helping clients build property wealth one property at a time. We’re are a real estate investment network that provides training, consulting and support. We help our clients by identifying properties where we’re buying real estate right. We’re maximizing cash flow. We’re leveraging where possible and using rental income to pay the debt down. The ultimate goal is free and clear ownership of income-producing properties. We have rental homes that are fixed up, professionally managed and rented out for $800 a month — priced at about $40,000. We have multi-family properties with astounding cash flow but most important in this whole process is that when you’re ready to invest, you contact us for a free no-obligation consultation where we can customize an investment plan that is a specific fit to your goals. Get a free report by calling our 24-hour recorded hotline 1-800-791-4541 ID#8087 or online at www.CoreyChambers.us


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