Emotional Support Animals – They're Not Pets Any More – They Can Go Most Anywhere

While Downtown LA is altogether very pet friendly for an urban setting, there are various size, weight and breed restrictions, along with a few bans on pets altogether at loft buildings, condos and apartments for rent. But those restrictions are no match for the ADA.



The place where pets are the least welcome would possibly be Bunker Hill Tower at 800 W 1st Street, a no pets building. But even there, several pooches and pussy cats live as service dogs and emotional support animals.

The protections offered by the Americans with Disabilities Act are so broad and strong that dogs, cats and other animals are often placed above humans.  Disabled school children now have the right to bring a dog to class, and, if other students are allergic, then the allergic students must leave so that the service dog can stay in the classroom. Some say the animals have too much protection and that it is too easy to get certifications.

Dogs and cats are not the only protected animals. Service pigs and emotional support alpacas share the same protections. Under the federal law, there is no need for the animal owner to show any proof of registration for the service apalca-emotional-supportanimal, but most owners realize that they should be able to provide evidence of registration just in case. Under the law, the person must have some kind of disability, but there is little or no proof of disability required. For the most legitimate service dog certifications, the animal is required to be trained to a high standard so that it does not bark excessively, follow commands reliably and sticks to its owner. The most questionable certifications can be purchased on eBay for $22.00 and have little or no requirements, but they have a legit appearance.

Now you can take your service pig on the airplane and bring your emotional support alpaca to the convenience store. Living with canines and felines at Bunker Hill Tower and other Downtown condo buildings should be a piece of cake.


In general, the newer the building, the more pet-friendly it is.  Get all of the free info on new homes under construction near Downtown Los Angeles. Fill out the online form:


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