Pet Friendly Downtown Los Angeles – Best Lofts for Dogs and Cats

Dogs have pretty much taken over Downtown Los Angeles.  As new parks are being built, puppies and pooches swarm in and take over. Alta Lofts, home of the L.A. Loft Blog, has lots of dogs running around, large and small, upstairs and downstairs.


Even Downtown’s most anti-dog condo Bunker Hill Tower is home to about 3 or 4 of the fluffy pets — err service dogs.

Now we can have emotional support pretty much everywhere we go in Downtown, but there are some buildings that are more welcoming than others.  Here is a list:

Pet Friendly Buildings:

1100 Wilshire Blvd, 90017
Alta Lofts
 – 200 San Fernando Rd, 90031
Barker Block – 510 S Hewitt St & 530 S Hewitt St, 90013
Bartlett Building – 215 W 7th St, 90014
Beacon Lofts – 825 E 4th St, 90013
Biscuit Company – 1850 Industrial St, 90021
Eastern Columbia – 849 S Broadway, 90014
El Dorado Lofts – 416 S Spring St, 90015
Flower Street Lofts – 1130 S Flower St, 90015
Gallery Lofts – 120 S Hewitt St & 130 S Hewitt St, 90013
Higgins Building – 108 E 2nd St, 90012
Little Tokyo Lofts – 420 S San Pedro St, 90013
Molino Lofts – 500 Molino & 530 Molino St,  90013
Rowan Lofts – 460 S. Spring St, 90013
Santee Village – (See EckardtCornell and Textile)
SB Grand (Shybary Grand or Shy Barry Grand) – 312 W. 5th St, 90013
SB Tower Loft Rentals – 600 S Spring St, 90013
Textile Building – 315 E 8th St, 90014
Toy Factory – 1855 Industrial St, 90021

Today’s top of the L.A. Loft Blog charts is Pet-Friendly Downtown Los Angeles. This post will provide links to Free Pet Resources.

Pet Friendly Downtown Los Angles LASHP
Pet Friendly Downtown Los Angles State Historic Park LASHP

Our dog has enjoyed living at Alta Lofts for three years now.  His name is Zzyzx the Wuppy, and he enjoys walking to Reyes River Greenway Park and Elysian Park every day. A feisty chihuahua mix, his favorite activity is to terrorize baby squirrels and pounce on unsuspecting lizards.  He also loves to charge big dogs and stalk coyotes to let them know that he’s not going to be easy prey. Wuppy will bravely defend his loft and his humans at any cost.


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When he’s not out and about, he enjoys running  up and down the stairs of his Alta loft with his toys. Zzyzx’s least favorite building in Downtown L.A. is Bunker Hill Tower because they have the strictest no-pet policy. He loves to be friended and to friend other Downtown pets on his Facebook page.

Pet Friendly Downtown Los Angeles Free Pet Resources – Dog and Cat Places: Lofts, Condos, Apartments, Stores, Parks

More resources are at

Moving can be hard on everyone involved: adults, kids, and yes… even your pets! Tips on making the move easier for pets

Get free information on the most pet-friendly buildings in Downtown Los Angeles. Fill out the online form:

Downtown is also home to the annual Dog Day at the Cathedral.


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