Los Angeles River House New Condominiums Under Construction Frog Town Elysian Valley

River House 2970 Ripple Place, Los Angeles, CA 90039


Real Estate News – Special Update

Near Downtown Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium in the up and coming Frog Town neighborhood in the Elysian Valley of Los Angeles, 56 new condo units under construction are approaching completion.  The L.A. Loft Blog has learned that the concrete is now being poured, which will allow home shoppers to enter the sales office within the next few weeks.


To avoid making the biggest mistake that new home shoppers most often make, visitors are required to meet first with a real estate agent in order to be eligible to get free home buyer protections such as information on the pros and cons of the construction, down sides of the development, negatives of the neighborhood and drawbacks of a potentially bad deal. For new construction homes, the biggest disasters happen when an unsuspecting couple walks in to take an innocent quick peak at the new building, get a gander of the hip, chic new models, and then unexpectedly find that they immediately fall in love the sparkling new digs. They then quickly learn that they have fallen into a common trap, and that they will not be allowed to use an agent, they must endure the pushy sales office telling them to immediately begin signing away even more of their rights. They end up buying a property without knowing if they got a good deal because they did not get a 2nd opinion from a local professional, they did not see a list of recently sold comparable properties, they were not informed of all of the problems of the building and neighborhood, and the buyer’s interests were not placed above the interests of the seller.


Like fly-by-night operations, new homes sales offices are temporary in nature, and they are not usually around for long. They usually disappear quickly after the homes are sold.  The state of California has provided a way of helping to prevent new home mistakes and to protect prospective home shoppers before they step foot into a new real estate development sales office. Before making an appointment to see the new homes, visitors should determine if there is any chance that they might want to make a move within the next six months.  If so, the potential home buyer can easily protect their rights, get free home buyer protection, place their interests above the seller’s interests and save thousands of dollars guaranteed when they find a place they like.

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