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Most people don’t realize that exterior concrete can be cleaned. Sure there are always some exceptions. The most common stains around a home are Oil, Rust, Algae, Mold, Paint, Tar, Gum and just Dirt. This can all be cleaned.

Our company uses commercial concrete high pressure STEAM cleaners to remove stains. When was the last time that you had the exterior of your property steam cleaned? If you’re like most, probably never. We can steam clean anything outside, which includes Driveway, Patio, Pool decks, Walkway, Roof, House, Block Walls, Wood Fences. To protect your concrete we can apply wet-lock concrete sealers.

The other area of concern is usually the “GARAGE FLOOR”

We also provide Garage Floor 2 Part Epoxy Coatings:

1) Includes diamond grinding garage floor

2) Includes 2 part epoxy coating

3) Includes garage curbs

4) Includes flakes

5) Includes top coat / clear

6) Includes minor crack repairs

7) 10 Year Warranty

If you’re selling a home or you just want to add curb appeal, we can help!

We service most areas in California.


Delco Exterior Inc.


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