Why I Love Downtown Los Angeles Lofts – Writing Contest Winner Results

The L.A. Loft Blog is pleased to announce the winner of the “Why I Love Lofts” Writing Contest. For its creativity and foresight in powerful tones of urban romance, acceptance of diversity and universal love, the winning submission transcends the typical vision of Downtown Los Angeles with a far-out poem and story of a very special loft love affair.



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Writing Contest First Place Award Goes To:  Sheri Brummond

Here is the complete writing:


In the witching hour of magic,

with moonlight whisp’ring down —

My loft’s looming windows beckoned —

an alien spaceship to come around…


Inside was a handsome Martian

With charm and wealth galore

Intent on an earthly beauty….

He took a chance at my front door


When we beheld each other’s faces

T’was not a spark that burst a flame

But rather a nuclear fusion —

RED HOT – each felt the same!


I invited him into my “casa”

His jaw dropped at my awesome view

He said it was more exciting than

The “space” he’d just flown through


The high ceilings made him twinkle

The wide spaces caused him to dance

And the brick wall next to my kitchen

Sent him into a sexy trance


As he reveled in the sense of freedom

That my “hip” loft oozed all around

It caused his mind to gush so joyful

His feet lit’rally left the ground


Soon, he smiled and said “I love you…

And your industrial, kick-ass style…

It’s so cutting-edge and explosive

I’d like to stay a real long while…..”


So we kissed and cuddled intensely

Then jumped in the sparklin’ pool

Where he pointed out his planet

A wee, precious, reddish jewel


As he spied all the city lights shining

He asked to walk the streets and see

All the options for fun and adventure

That were just “inches” away from me


The sights were diverse and intriguing

Restaurants boasted their scrumptious fare

Shops glistened with many choices

Urban-rich…..we had NOT a care….


The aura of the city jungle

Made both our spirits soar

How could one e’er live elsewhere?

“Downtown LA” just gives so much MORE!


At dawn, we returned real tired

And once in, we fell on the rug

But the design was so lovely and tempting

That we cried, “Let’s sleep here and hug!”


Hours later, we rallied in search of

Yummy food in my kitchen of steel

Quite amazed, he blanched at the counters

And licked the granite to affirm it was real


Then he led me to the balcony outside

And on both knees he proposed with love —

But once married he wanted my “Dream Loft”…

To be our home…not Mars above


I screamed “YES” without hesitation

We’d elope and then later come back

At that time, I’d brief my whole family

And give them the info they lack


But for now, Mr. Bill call my sisters

Explain I’m thrilled and “over the moon”

Tell them don’t worry ‘bout me or Marty

I’ll see everyone real soon…..


Love, Christy


P.S.  Please, Please, Please, Please, Please do not call the police!

I’m not a missing person.  I’m just getting married!!!!

“Well, guess that’s about it”…. uttered Mr. Bill.

“Nothing else, no other note?” pressed Lauren.

“No….I didn’t find anything else….and you ladies looked too.   There doesn’t seem to be any other clues.”

How long do you think she’s been gone?  asked Kelly.

“Not sure….I usually hear from her every day.  This morning was the 3rd day, so I got worried and came up here to check….then found this note.”  The old man folded the paper and put it back on the desk.

“Thanks, I’m glad you did,” smiled Lauren.

Mr. Bill shrugged.  “Least I could do.”  After a beat, “Try not to worry too much.  Nothing looks amiss and she wrote a real nice poem too.”

“I suppose,” lamented Kelly.  “But it’s just not like her to run off with a Martian!”

“Yeah, don’t know what that means,” piped Mr. Bill rubbing his forehead.

Lauren took a deep breath as she tried to quell her anxiety.  The whole situation seemed like a family reality show on “fubar”.  Nevertheless, the sun shone brightly, spraying the entire living room with sizzling rays of glorious, late afternoon light.  “It certainly is a gorgeous loft though,” she announced suddenly….”no wonder she loved living here.”

“She still lives here.  She’s just…..well, she’s just getting married,” Kelly spewed after a hard swallow.

“If it’s ok with you, I think Kelly and I would like to spend the night,” announced Lauren.  “It will make us feel like we’re closer to finding her somehow.”

“Sure, no problem….just let me know when you want to leave,” answered Mr. Bill.

“We really appreciate everything,” popped Kelly.

“Yes, we’re very grateful you contacted us,” added Lauren.

Mr. Bill made his way to the door, and then slowly turned round.  “In my heart of hearts — I believe she’s fine.  To tell you the truth, a few nights ago I vaguely recall thinking I saw an unusual bright glow outside my window, but I thought I was just dreaming.  Maybe I wasn’t.”

“Maybe not,” acknowledged Lauren.  Although the possibility didn’t make her feel any better.

After Mr. Bill left, Lauren and Kelly collapsed on the sofa.  Christy’s luxurious, L-shaped, tuffed, white velvet sofa provided a heavenly oasis.  The room’s creamy, monochromatic look exuded a hypnotic effect.  Both girls plunged deep into thought, pondering various storylines which would account for Christy’s disappearance.  Intensifying the silence was the dreaminess of the encroaching “magic hour”.  The girls stretched out, as if to welcome the sunset’s golden tendrils which were already seeping in the huge windows.

“My mind’s on overdrive, but this is so comfortable….it’s like I feel drugged.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” cooed Kelly, “and I’m so exhausted to boot ….I think I need to shut my eyes for a bit.”

“Ok, I just want to just sit here and look out this window – this magnificent window,” she whispered under her breath.  “We need to come up with a plan, and…” But Lauren’s sentence was cut off by a loud, impressive yawn.

“Right,” sighed Kelly, as she shut her eyes and laid back her head on a soft cushion.

Within a few minutes, both girls were out.  The overwhelming emotional and mental angst about their sister had taken its toll.  Soon they entered REM sleep and a colorful “La La Land” in the dream zone of the space time continuum.  There, Christy was waiting….arms outstretched, boasting an infectious smile.

“I’m SOOoooo happy!”  Marty and I got married on XR 220 and are having the time of our lives!  We’ll be zooming past soon…I promise!

And then….about 5 hours later, true to her word in their dreams, Christy re-appeared.  The spaceship hovered outside her phenomenal loft with her Martian husband and a few members of his family.  Christy woke her 2 sisters and invited them aboard the gleaming silver craft.  Without any reservations, they agreed.  This was in no small part due to the fact that first Marty had introduced Lauren and Kelly to his two brothers. They were irresistibly kind, incredibly smart and gorgeous!

Meanwhile, in his loft directly below Christy’s, a perplexed Mr. Bill sat on his bed, staring out his large window.  He’d awakened to a strange noise and witnessed an intense brightness shining directly through his curtains.  He rubbed his eyes and tried to make sense of what was outside his window, but the radiance was blinding.  Then as suddenly as it had appeared, the illumination disappeared. Concerned, Mr. Bill donned his robe and quickly made his way to Christy’s loft.  He rang the doorbell, but there was no answer.  He knocked several times…..and then several times more.  After getting no response, Mr. Bill pulled out his master key and opened the front door.  The loft was totally dark.  No sound could be heard except the ticking of the stunningly beautiful, mod-looking, designer kitchen clock.

“Lauren,” Mr. Bill called…..”Kelly?”


“It’s Mr. Bill, just wanted to check on you girls and make sure everything was ok.”


Mr. Bill turned on some lights and meandered around the loft, searching every nook and cranny, but Lauren and Kelly were nowhere to be found.  They had simply vanished.  It was only when he returned to the living room did he glimpse a folded note on top of a mid-century desk, secured underneath a heavy crystal vase. He gingerly opened it and read….

Dear Mr. Bill, 

Just wanted to let you know that we are all just “peachy!” 

I came back for my sisters and now everyone is headed to a 5 Star crater resort on a newly-discovered, water-rich planet near Mars.  It’s a honeymoon paradise!  We’ll be back in about 6 months.  Please keep an eye on my fabulous loft for me.

Thank you in advance for all your help and for convincing me to get such a stellar piece of property.  Because of you, I was in the right place at the right time to find my soul mate.  It may be premature, but I think the same can be said for my sisters.  I will be forever grateful!!!!

I have ALWAYS LOVED LOFTS and mine is frickin’ UNBELIEVABLE!  It has made my greatest dreams come true….It’s the best in the UNIVERSE!!!  

AND, of course, my beloved Martian husband Marty would know…..



P.S.  Spread my story to everyone…Tell them the reason — “Why I Love Lofts!! (ESPECIALLY MINE!!!!!!)


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