When is the Right Time to Sell a Downtown Loft?

How to Sell Your Own LoftWhile more people are moving into Downtown than moving away, there are those who prefer to sell when they are sure that the price and equity are at a healthy level. Many loft owners in DTLA are able to move up to a larger loft, while some others are having kids and want to move to a highly esteemed school district area in the suburbs.

The L.A. Loft Blog, the authority on Downtown residential real estate, receives real-time market data and feedback every day.  Based on that large quantity of first-hand observations and real estate market service data, the true nature of the Downtown real estate market is normal and near middle of the cycle.  That means that it makes sense for both buyers and sellers to make a move now if they prefer to move during a safer, more typical real estate market cycle. That being said about market timing, Downtown Los Angeles is anything but a typical real estate market.  During the most recent cycles, Downtown performed better than the average U.S. neighborhood and better than the average California neighborhood during both the up cycle and down cycle because DTLA has extremely fast growth overall.

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