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The L.A. Loft Blog provides new leads that are generated daily from our real estate blogs and unique consumer programs.

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South Park Downtown Los AngelesL.A. Loft Blog Publisher Realtor Corey Chambers recognizes that some agents are certainly very qualified and competent at all the technical parts of the business. But he also knows that many agents have to work too hard to generate leads. When it comes to lead generation, Corey actually has the opposite problem. You see, one of the things Corey is really good at is marketing. His problem right now is that he actually has too many good leads to follow up, and he felt that there might be an opportunity for someone competent to take advantage of this.

Many agents get into real estate in the first place because they want a better lifestyle. What they find is that this business can eat away at their free time, and whittle away at their earnings with expenses. In other words, the reality is different from what it was supposed to be.

You’re probably aware that Corey works with a team of agents. The agents who work on Corey’s team all make over $100k NET, and many net over $200k. This is NET money in their pockets – not gross earnings – because what they get they keep. They earn this without having to spend any time on prospecting. They don’t have to do any cold calling. They don’t have to spend any money or time on marketing. Instead, they directly benefit from all the high exposure marketing that Corey does which generates literally dozens of highly qualified leads every single week. Instead of having to hunt prospects down, they get to help people because these leads are simply handed to them. So they get to spend their time on the parts of the business they like, which is working with qualified prospects. They don’t have to spend any of their time on the parts they don’t like such as door knocking and cold calling. And they all net over $100k without having to work the long, long hours that many agents have to.

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