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Hi Everyone,

The SP-DTLA did an excellent job at the last Neighborhood council meeting.  We sent Trammel Crow back to the drawing board. They will be presenting revised plans at the next DLANC meeting. We focused on one item – they are not following the Historic Core guidelines – they are building a 30 story building in the Historic Core which goes against the guidelines and they are planning to have a 6 story parking podium that encompasses the entire corner of 9th and Hill – the guidelines only allow a maximum of 3 floors. We still need voices and bodies to support our cause.

Eastern Columbia Pool

Several of you have asked how you can help with SP-DTLA’s efforts to prevent the historic Eastern Columbia clock tower from being block by the Alexan project.

There are two things you can do today that would help (in addition to the information I sent below):

Mail a letter to Huizar – attached is a sample you can copy and paste

Attend and/or speak at the next DLANC Planning and Land Use meeting on December 15th:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 – 6:30pm

City National Plaza Underground Food Court, 505 S. Flower St. Suite B53, Los Angeles, CA 90071

You don’t have to speak… just showing up has a very big effect. We had the largest gathering of people in opposition to a building ever recorded by the DLANC at the last meeting… we want to DOUBLE that because we know Trammel Crow will try to bring more people to this one. So, please consider attending and bring a friend or two… go out for drinks afterwards.  Your presence is very important as they count who is there and more importantly they want to see non-Eastern Columbia residents.

Thank you for supporting this effort. And please pass this on to anyone else who may be able to support us.

Bill Cooper, President

Subject: Preserving Downtown’s Historic Core

I am writing today to ask you a favor, something I hope you will do for me, for yourself and for Downtown’s Historic Core. Please take a moment to read this:

I am a member and on the board of SP-DTLA. The Society for the Preservation of Downtown Los Angeles is dedicated to enforcing the highest standards in architecture and urban planning, inspiring best practices to serve the overall public good, promoting green space, and preserving physical and visual access to historic districts and landmarks. We strive to preserve the unique and protected architectural gems of Downtown Los Angeles, define a zone of respect for its iconic buildings and landmarks, promote sensible urban planning, and to protect its exceptional culture and history. We call for a thoughtful balance between the past and the present, between the iconic buildings of yesterday and the bold hi-rises of tomorrow. We welcome the kind of development that brings density and prosperity to downtown Los Angeles, while preserving the integrity of its historic landscape.



Like many of the great cities of the world, who have enacted specific regulations in the form of a “Zone of Respect” and a “View Shed” around historic structures and the like, we propose something similar for the Arts District and Historic Core.  These would specifically govern height, character, setbacks and the like for all structures going in and around historic buildings. 


We see Pershing Square as the heart of DTLA.  It is the bridge between the Historic Areas and the Civic Center.  We are at a crossroads in its development.  It is essential that our voices be heard on the intention, design and execution.


DTLA needs green spaces and innovative ideas to create them.  The SP-DTLA wants to introduce a Bond Issue Ballot Measure, backed by a hotel occupancy tax to construct SIX green spaces built on top of underground parking structures which can sustain their maintenance and solve some density/parking issues facing DTLA.  We want to get enough signatures on the ballot to make this a part of our future.


For all those developers doing it right in DTLA, our goal is to sponsor discussions that will lead to streamlining the process of permitting. As an organization we will demand:

How can we better support and encourage their efforts? What are the city regulations that are particularly challenging that could be reconsidered? How do we loosen the red tape?


955 Broadway

Broadway Trade Center

At Mateo

Herald-Examiner Building


920 South Hill
850 South Hill

The SP-DTLA’s first action is to protect a very special building in downtown Los Angeles–The Eastern Columbia Building. We have THREE SIMPLE STEPS for you to follow to get the attention of city officials and planners regarding the current project planned at Hill and 9th Streets:

Please visit and sign our petition. While online you can also download an email script that you can copy and paste and send to city officials.

You can be a part of these changes which will define Downtown LA for the future. Please lend your hand and your voice.

Thank you for taking the time to help!

Bill Cooper
President, Downtown Real Estate Association
Treasurer, Pershing Square Park Advisory Board
REALTOR, Keller Williams Realty DTLA

P.S. Please forward this to others who may be interested in helping us.

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