The Craigslist fraudsters are back to impersonating real estate agents and stealing identities of renters again by using fake videos, fake phone numbers, and fake real estate applications to get social security numbers and sell them on the black market.


The L.A. Loft Blog has received confirmation from the San Bernardino Sherrif’s Department that a prospective Downtowner had her identity stolen by these Craigslist fraudsters. Several others have come forward to admit that their identities may have also been stolen from the scammers.  The L.A. Loft Blog has increased its warnings and fraud alerts to notify all potential renters not to provide personal information until after the landlord or agent has been positively identified.

Thank you to those who have flagged the offending Craigslist scam by clicking prohibited on Craigslist.

craigslist-prohibitedFor more details on the fraud, click here.  The most recent fraudulent post has been flagged and removed by Craigslist, but you can call and text the fraudsters at 213-263-7613 to tell them what you think about them.


Thank you for helping to stop the identity thieves.

Online application links from Craigslist
Landlords, managers and agents who communicate solely by Craigslist and text
Craigslist points to video on and pictures on Imgur
Landlords, managers and agents who claim to be out of town
Craigslist posts with rent prices that are substantially below prices of similar rentals
Read and follow Craigslist safety guidelines

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  1. Corey,

    Good morning. I just signed up on the Loft Blog. Great information. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer.

    Back Ground:

    1. Currently I live at Watermarke Tower. Love it. Have been here for 4 years. They have cut me a deal on rent for my current 900 Square foot 31st floor 1 bedroom.
    2. Regardless: The rent is high for my tastes, I can manage it but intuitively it’s starting to feel a bit out of comfort range. $3420.00. If I signed up today as a newbie the Same unit is currently going for 3875.00- 4200.00. Wow!
    3. My lease is up the end of this month. I will go month to month until I can find something else that meets my tastes and requirements.
    4. I want to find more of a loft type unit in the range of 2200- 3000.00/ month.
    5. Although I am looking on line: and extremely busy running two businesses, is it possible that you have the information or someone I can meet face to face to get the lowdown on some of the available properties?
    6. I’m interested in making contact with individuals who know the lay of the land/have inside dope regarding the other loft type properties. Do you have possible contacts or resources that can provide me that kind of info?
    7. My wants: A workout facility is prime importance to me and closet space ( I got a lot of clothes) a kitchen with good appliances. I love to cook. Washer/ dryer.
    8. I have a spectacular view but currently I’m more interested in space, character of building, and safety. Artists, creative types, entrepreneurs, appeal to me.

    I will visit these facilities listed: I’m hoping that you and your well researched information can help or direct me to the proper resources that can expedite my search. Looking forward to your reply.


    Robert S


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