Top 5 Secrets of Downtown Real Estate – Downtown Los Angeles Lofts and Condos For Sale

Downtown Los Angeles has some unique attributes that makes it more challenging, as well as more rewarding that surrounding neighborhoods.  Here are the top five issues that make DTLA an amazing investment for those in the know, and an anathema to outsiders.

Pocket Listings, Unlisted and Off-Market Properties For Sale – As much as 45% of the best deals on amazing lofts were not on the MLS and not on the internet.
Financing a Commercial or Industrial Loft – A home lender will usually have problems with a loft because most are listed as commercial or industrial.
Lawsuits and Litigation – More than 20% of current and recent listings involved properties that are currently or recently in litigation or lawsuit.
Loser Lofts – High Renter Ratio, homeless in the building, incomplete HOA documentation, developer interference, crime in the building.
Winner Lofts – Superior return on investment, high satisfaction of owners.



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