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Thank you for being part of the celebration of our 500th post on the LA Loft Blog!  As a reward for being part of this milestone, you are about to receive some powerful real estate information that will help you easily beat the intense competition for Downtown real estate, and this article will give you the top 3 secrets for buying, selling and leasing Downtown lofts and condos.


Because our team started off helping renters nearly 15 years ago, I’d like to start by giving some valuable information for renters, including how to access up to three times as many amazing lofts and save hundreds of dollars a month. We will then tell buyers how to find twice as many lofts while saving thousands of dollars guaranteed, and then we will end this special post by telling Downtown sellers about a guaranteed home sale program for lofts and condos that gets sellers on average 2.2% more money 44% faster with less hassle for the seller.

For prospective renters, Downtown is a medium size neighborhood that is like a glazed donut.  The outer edges is where new residents like to live, while the hole in the middle is Skid Row, where most loft renters usually try to avoid.

About 1/3 of the rental listings in Downtown Los Angeles are agent listings that are on the MLS, while the other 2/3 are managed communities that do not generally cooperate with agents.  There is a way to get access to all 3/3 of the the rentals.  That is with the paid 3-hour tour.  What a lot of people do not know is that they can get help from a Downtown specialist Realtor to help ensure that they do not miss any of the unlisted loft rental bargains, save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and if they are not satisfied with the paid tour, they can get their money back. When you do the math, the it makes sense to get access to the most rental listings and unlisted rentals to make sure you don’t miss out on the best deal.

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Home buyers in Downtown can get a big edge over other buyers and save thousands of dollars by gaining priority access to proprietary information at no cost. This is done by taking part in the free home-hunter service called the VIP Buyer Program.  This program allows buyers to get all of the listings from all real estate companies delivered into the buyer’s email daily as soon as the properties are listed. It also includes the largest number of unlisted properties or pocket listings, off-market properties that the general public does not access to because up to 45% of the best deals are are not on the MLS, not on the internet, and most agents and brokers do not have access to these pocket listings.

top-10-best-home-buys-adTwo issues that Downtown buyers need to be aware of before seeing properties are the loft lending issues and the many lawsuits around Downtown lofts and condominiums.  More than half of the properties for sale in Downtown are industrial or commercial loft conversions that are special exemptions created by the Los Angeles  Adaptive Reuse Ordinance.  Most residential lenders are not knowledgeable about lofts and have a delay, rate hike or complete failure of loft purchase transactions. The most common home buying disaster in Downtown is caused by this loft lending failure.  A loft lender is usually required to ensure the success of a loft purchase transaction.

Another major issue with Downtown lofts and condos is caused by lawsuits and litigation. More than 20% of the listings that you see today involve properties that are currently were recently involved with a lawsuit. Because of this, an Downtown attorney or Downtown specialist Realtor should be consulted before seeing any properties so that the buyer is properly informed of the litigation and other issues surrounding the building and its homeowners association.


Sellers can get the most money for their property by using a service that attracts the largest number of buyers, and can generate an extra $10,000 or more by pre-marketing the property to VIP buyers before even putting he property on the MLS.  This can generate a queue of buyers early that will help to ensure that there are multiple offers or even an exciting bidding war that drives up the price to its maximum level.  While many agents are still arguing over whether or not to do a pocket listing, the top agents in Downtown will help sellers reach all buyers, and increase the chance of a quick sale by doing a unique combination of pocket listing and MLS listing to capture the best of both market types.  Downtown homeowners can get the most accurate value of their home with a free online home evaluation.

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