Downtown L.A. Goes Gay !!!! New GLBT Establishments Bring Flair to Downtown Los Angeles

Gay Downtown Los Angeles Update 2017:

DTLA Proud 2017 gay pride festival Downtown Los Angeles
DTLA Proud 2017 gay pride festival Downtown Los Angeles

Special Update September 10, 2016:

Update Tuesday February 9, 2016

Newest Gay Bar comes to Historic Core of Downtown Los AngelesMattachine

mattachine-gay-bar-downtown-los-angelesThis amazing new bar gives a fresh breath into what was once the dying gay life of DTLA. Mattachine’s blend of historic homage with minimalist decor and thematic 60s-70s nights provide a wondrous experience.  The location was previously home to several short-lived bars and patrons hope that Mattachine will stand the test of time. Visitors who have stopped by after work with friends have praised the staff, drinks, prices and crowd. Locals are please to welcome this cool, intimate space on 7th Street.

Historic Core  |  For Sale  |  For Lease

AUGUST 24, 2015 – Redline now open Open Tuesday – Sunday 5PM-2AM at 131 E 6th St

JULY 11, 2015  –  The California B&B Corps just had a fun, little party with their Boots and Breeches at Alta Lofts near Downtown Los Angeles. Even the schnauzer was wearing a uniform:

SPECIAL UPDATE:  As of June 24, 2015, Precinct bar is open every day.

Now that Precinct has opened, Downtown is officially complete.  The first open, mainstream gay bar in the history of the neighborhood sets a new milestone for DTLA.

Downtown Los Angeles was once known during the prohibition period for its underground speakeasy bars of the Roaring 20’s.  Now Downtown seems set on a course for an upcoming Roaring 2020’s.

According to the Press Telegram, the “gayborhood” is coming back to Downtown Los Angeles.  Two LGBT bars are set to launch in the next few months. After several delays a la the City of Los Angeles, Precinct celebrated its Grand Opening May 30, 2015.

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Another new bar and lounge called Redline is under construction and planned to open soon in the Historic Core on the ground floor of the Santa Fe Lofts, reports the Downtown News. The 1,900 square foot bar and lounge is under construction at 121 E. Sixth Street, featuring a dance floor and food along with its many beverages.

The first  new gay-oriented bar, Precinct, after a short delay, opened just a few blocks away at Broadway and Fourth Street. The 8,500 square foot bar is designed with a Prohibition-era police theme, a patio, pub and dance floor. The bars are both not far from Pershing Square, which is historically significiant to LGBT people since the area was gay hotspot for decades. top-10-best-home-buys-ad Downtown was previously home to many gay bars in the 1960’s and earlier as journaled in John Rechy’s novels City of Night and Numbers, as well as Gore Vidal’s Salt & the Pillar, but with LAPD harrassment & the rise toward West Hollywood Gay establishments, which were under the less stringent administration by the LA County Sherrifs, the DTLA Gay bars slowly disappeared. The last two Gay bars in DTLA, as remembered by one Yelp reviewer, were the Waldorf, with tough, street smart drag queens, and Harold’s, which some say harbored “rough trade” who hung around the bar to get money from Johns who tried to curry special favors from the street smart boys. By the mid 1980’s both Harold’s & Waldorf, which were on 527 & 555 South Main Street, were considered by the city officials to be the center of vice, and were thus condemned with parking structures to take their place. Sometime around the 1990’s, Score, a gay bar, was located on 107 West 4th Street catering somewhat to businessmen in DTLA & the local Latino population living nearby. More recently, there is another gay bar mostly patronized by a spanish-speaking crowd called Jalisco Bar on 245 South Main Street, near the old LA Times-Mirror Building.

Frontiers and Out Traveler published stories about how hip downtown Los Angeles crosses the gentrification threshold with the first brick-and-mortar gay bar opening this soon on Broadway and 4th Street in the Historic Core. While LGBT parties have one-night night in venues throughout Downtown Los Angeles (now commonly called DTLA), Precinct is the first one to have a regular home. Party promoters Brian McIntire and Thor Stephens are behind the venue, which includes a bar, dance floor, performance stage, and 2nd-floor patio and veranda facing the lively intersection. McIntire and Stephens were attracted to Downtown because of its many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents who have a great attraction to the area’s historic architecture. “As is the case with most of the Historic District, the building we are in was constructed just after the turn of the 20th century,” McIntire told the magazine. “Personally, we’re fans of the architecture of the era — a time when there was a more open celebration of individual craftsmanship and artistry — less disposable cookie-cuttery.” McIntire and Stephens are favorable to the idea of DTLA because of its role in gay history, which is, sadly, mostly forgotten. While many Los Angeles gays splintered off to West Hollywood or Silver Lake in the late 20th century, many have been returning to the city center, and Precinct now welcomes every stripe of LGBT humanity. “We’re hoping to see lots of beards and tattoos, with equal parts glitter, lipstick and leather,” McIntire said. Broadway also houses a new Ace Hotel and a forthcoming outpost of Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

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