Los Angeles Lofts

Los Angeles Lofts

In the City of Los Angeles, Downtown has the greatest concentration of industrial and commercial loft conversions.  The word LOFT can refer one of three different things: a conversion of an old business building into modern residences; a new construction with open floor plan, high ceilings and exposed plumbing; or a modern condo or single family residence with extra high ceilings and an open mezzanine area upstairs.



The Adaptive Reuse Ordinance has become one of the most significant incentives related to historic preservation in Los Angeles, facilitating the conversion of dozens of historic and under-utilized structures into new housing units, mostly live-work lofts. The ordinance was originally approved in 1999 for downtown Los Angeles and was extended into other neighborhoods of the city in 2003.

la-loft-los-angeles-jLofts in Los Angeles are usually measured by their square footage rather than by bedrooms because they usually do not have bedrooms. Most lofts are all open with no bedroom door.  Some lofts do have a traditional bedroom with a door, or occasionally several bedrooms.  Many lofts have either a natural separation of the bed area, such as around a corner, or else sometimes a loft-style bedroom has been created with partitions, furnishings, partial wall, short wall or sliding glass doors.  Frosted glass is often used for its ability to transmit light into and out of the bedroom while giving privacy. Other lofts have no separation of the bed area, and the bed might be right next to the front door, or even next to the refrigerator, common at the Elleven lofts building.

Because lofts are basically just a big open box, furniture, decor and finish make the difference between a plain loft, an upscale chic loft or an artistic masterpiece. Of the approximately 2,500 new Downtown residents per year, most are choosing industrial and commercial live/work lofts with open space, lots of windows and natural light, in walking distance to lots of dining, shopping and entertainment. Small rooms are out, and wood or polished concrete floors are preferred.

In addition to Downtown L.A., other nearby neighborhoods with lofts include Lincoln Heights, Silver Lake, South Pasadena, Pasadena and Hollywood.

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