L.A. Loft Blog Tags: What Do They Tell Us About Los Angeles Lofts For Sale and For Lease?

L.A. Loft Blog Tags:  What Do They Tell Us?  What You and Your Fellow Los Angeles Urbanites are Looking For

Below is the list of the Most Popular Tags on the L.A. Loft Blog.  Like keywords on a web page, tags can help you quickly find what you are looking for, so I will discuss each tag so that Downtown loft buyers, sellers and renters will know why so many people have searched and clicked on the posts.  Here are the tags for the most popular Loft Blog posts:

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Arts District
Arts District

Arts – It’s no wonder that so many people have searched and clicked on the word “arts” when they are reading the L.A. Loft Blog.  Downtown Los Angles is the center of arts in Los Angeles; that’s why Downtown has it’s own Arts District, which once was a neighborhood known for big, cheap defunct warehouses converted into live-work rental lofts where artists could create big projects at lower cost.  The Arts District has since transformed into an up-and-coming neighborhood, now come into its own as the world renown epicenter of creativity and modern culture.

The words “Buyers agent” are popular on the LA Loft Blog because our team started off as buyers agents, helping renters and buyers to find lofts in Downtown.

CA and California – are obvious because we are in Los Angeles, California, and a fair number of people move here from across the U.S. and worldwide.

Corey Chambers –  Is me, the author of the L.A. Loft Blog, Realtor Corey Chambers.  I’m a Real Estate Agent with Realty Source Inc.

Condo, condominium, condominiums, condos – These are individually-owned residential housing units inside of large multi-unit buildings.  In Downtown, more than half of these condo buildings are industrial or commercial conversions with live-work lofts created under the City of Los Angeles Adaptive Reuse Ordinance.

corey@laloft.org is my email address.  Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

District – a smaller official neighborhood inside the larger neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles – The place where it all happens.  Downtown L.A. is the new center of the universe!

Factory – This word belongs to several things in Downtown, including Factory Place Arts Complex, the rental lofts building where we worked for many years.  The Factory Kitchen is now there as well.  Downtown is also home to Toy Factory Lofts.

For Sale – Many potential loft and condo buyers visit LAloftBlog.com to see Downtown Los Angeles property listings of properties for sale and for lease.  Sellers also contact us to sell lofts because we have more than 600 buyers in our database, allowing sellers to get more money faster with guaranteed results*.

Historic – Downtown Los Angeles is home to many historic buildings that are significant in importance due to their rare artistic beauty and their bestowing of lessons from the past.  Several of the lofts for sale can provide the opportunity for special tax savings.   The Mills Act can bring potentially huge savings off of Los Angeles County property taxes.

LA – That’s short for Los Angeles, spanish for The Angels.  That should probably now be changed  to The Dodgers, which would be Los Esquiveros in spanish.

laloft is the username that our team uses on some websites.

LAloft.org is our other website that also has links to Downtown properties

LA Loft Blog ( LAloftBlog.com ) is what you are reading now.  The authority on Downtown residential real estate.

LA Rentals – The L.A. Loft Blog and our team provides up to three times as many rental options!  Search the blog or go direct to the agent lease listings at LAloftLease.com.  If you’d like extra help with up to three times as many rentals, then check out the 3-hour private tour at LAloftTour.com

Loft – That’s those big boxes that people can live and work in.  They also make a great canvas for creating your own work of three dimensional art called a home 🙂

Lofts Downtown Los Angeles – This is the way that most of my clients want to live —  big, open spaces in an exciting, fun walkable urban neighborhood with restaurants, bars, pubs, entertainment and transportation.

Loft Rentals – Renting is all the rage for those who prefer instant gratification, freedom and cash liquidity.

Lofts For Sale – For those who prefer to own their own destiny in Downtown, feel the pride and reap the rewards of home ownership, such as growing equity and return on investment in the most exciting place on earth.

Lofts in LA – There are a few lofts in other parts of L.A., but Downtown has by far the largest concentration of lofts.

new lofts – New lofts are old buildings that have recently been converted to live-work condominiums for sale or lease.  Many buyers will choose a new loft over a resale when given the chance.  The most recent new lofts were Barker Block Warehouse One.  Currently, there are no new loft conversions under construction, and none planned for the near future.

pocket listings – The biggest secret in Downtown Los Angeles real estate are pocket listings and other unlisted lofts.  Prospective buyers who are not on a the VIP program with the  L.A. Loft Blog team are missing some of the best deals on the most amazing lofts that are not on the MLS.  Most other agents do not have access to all of the pocket listings.

real estate – That is the properties for sale and for lease, and the loft that you will own if you buy one.

Realtor® is a licensed real estate agent who is also a member of the Association of Realtors.  Association of Realtors provides high standards, defined practices, tools and resources for real estate agents and brokers.

realty – A real estate company

secret inventory – This is unlisted properties and pocket listings that are for sale but not listed on the MLS and generally not found online

target downtown los angeles – Target store is the popular discount store, opened in Downtown in 2013

warehouse – The Arts District of Downtown has a couple loft buildings with warehouse in the name, including Barker Block Warehouse 1 and Toy Warehouse.

www.laloft.org is our other website that also has Downtown loft listings

www.laloftblog.com is the website that you are reading now, the authority of Downtown Los Angeles residential real estate with twice as many amazing lofts for sale and for lease

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