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When you’re buying a luxury loft or upscale condo in Downtown Los Angeles, having access to the hottest, new property listings is important. The free Loft-Hunter Service specializes in researching and providing you with the latest information about the very best buys of upscale and luxury homes currently on the market that you can buy in your desired price range and area.

A unique, automated Loft-Hunter Service enables you to get priority access to the hottest, new listings, giving you the competitive edge so that you can save thousands of dollars by finding the best buys before other buyers even know about them. By being there first, you’ll be able to negotiate to get the most home for the least amount of money. After all, the best deals get snapped up quickly by smart buyers like you.

Luxury Tower Condo Downtown L.A.
Luxury Tower Condo Downtown L.A.

Here’s how it works. Every evening, the computerized Loft-Hunter system searches through all new listings from every real estate company, not just one, that have been listed in the past 24 hours. The providers review each and every one of these listings in order to find the best buys on the market. From this, we print out a comprehensive “Hot List’ of luxury and upscale homes which we provide to you free of charge and without obligation.

For example, right now the ‘Hot List” identifies a number of exclusive homes with outstanding features such as gourmet kitchens, extra high ceilings, full amenities, panoramic views, underground parking and front desk security concierge.

The Upscale Homes “Hot List’ will help you identify the best homes on the market right now that are in your desired price range and location. This is a FREE community service to help you save money, time and the inconvenience of searching for just the right property on your own. Remember, the service offers you a way to beat out other buyers before they even know about these listings, saving your up to thousands of dollars so that you can get the most home for the least amount of money. Buyers love the free Loft-Hunter Service because it doesn’t cost them anything to get all the information they need, hassle-free and without feeling obligated.

To get the Free Loft-Hunter service, submit the the simple form below, CLICK HERE or visit:

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