Free Advertising Downtown Los Angeles: Advertise FREE on the L.A. Loft Blog or make a post FREE for a limited time

Free Advertising Downtown Los Angeles:
Advertise FREE on the L.A. Loft Blog or make a post FREE for a limited time

LA Loft Blog

LA Loft Blog – Submit a Post

Post anything you want on the L.A. Loft Blog, the authority on Downtown residential real estate.  Post a free ad, free post or free press release and reach up to 30,000 readers per month at no cost to you.  Your remarks, ads or articles must be related to Downtown Los Angeles.  The content must match the style of the L.A. Loft Blog, and must meet all local laws and standards.  Content may be edited, moved or removed at any time based on the needs of the L.A. Loft Blog.  Here are two easy ways to submit:

Advertise FREE on the LA Loft Blog

Advertise FREE: LA Loft Blog

Create a Remark:  Comment on any article by clicking on the article Title or Headline, then scroll down to the bottom to Leave a Reply and enter your comment (text only).

Create a Post:   Submit a free ad or article.  Your email will be posted automatically. Your email with graphic attachments will show up as a blog post on  Simply send an email to the email address below. The email SUBJECT line will be the HEADLINE.  The body of the email TEXT will appear as the ARTICLE or ad copy.  If you include a jpg or png ATTACHMENT, it will appear as the PHOTO or graphic in the ad or article.  Here is the email address for automatic ad insertion:


Try it out!  It’s free.  Use the above instructions to insert your ad automatically, or you can also submit manually with the online form below:


For questions or assistance, contact:

Corey Chambers, REALTOR®
(213) 478-0499

L.A. Loft Blog, 200 N. San Fernando Rd., #119, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Realty Source Inc  BRE#01889449

Special limited time offer of Free Advertising related to Downtown Los Angeles.  This offer is for a limited time only, based on the needs of the L.A Loft Blog and its readers.  For Downtown Los Angeles topics only.  For assistance, contact Corey (213) 478-0499

About Lofts Downtown Los Angeles

Your Loft Sold GUARANTEED or I'll Buy It* Corey Chambers, REALTOR® (213) 880-9910 *by the end of the listing term at a price acceptable to the seller. Realty Source Inc. BRE#01889449
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