POCKET LISTINGS: Perks of Working with Downtown L.A.’s #1 Loft Buyers’ Specialist Team

Affordable Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles  Twice As Plentiful Thanks to Pocket Listings


Pocket Listing Loft Sold Downtown L.A.
Barker Block Pocket Listing Loft Sold Downtown L.A.

Currently undergoing an amazing renaissance, Downtown is among the most exciting places on Earth.  More than 100,000 new Downtowners have taken up residence in the neighborhoods in the past 9 years.  It is therefore no wonder than many loft seekers are not finding many choices.  Downtown is suffering from a shortage of inventory.  One of the most powerful solutions is the Downtown specialist team with the largest number of unlisted, unadvertised properties called “pocket listings.”

The pocket listing is just as an important tool to the buyer as it is the developer or seller.  When a condo, loft, or house goes up for sale to the general public, the seller wants to reach out to buyers who are looking for a specific type of real estate.   A simple MLS listing can be seen by thousands of buyers, but most of the online marketing will be overlooked simply because the buyers are overwhelmed by what looks at first like lots of inventory.  The loft seekers find it difficult to weed out properties that don’t fit their needs or desires.

Pocket Listings - Unlisted Loft Properties Downtown L.A.
Pocket Listings – Unlisted Loft Properties Downtown L.A.

In this era of online property listings and websites that help buyers peruse a city’s inventory of available real estate from anywhere in the world, one would wonder if the profession of the real estate agent is going the way of the record or bookstore; left in the past.  But even as the world becomes smaller, and information such as MLS listings are at the touch of a keyboard, the relationship between developer and agent will always be important to the buyer.


A Loft Specialist who has clients who are specifically interested in real lofts that are converted from industrial buildings can provide buyers to sellers.  Sellers come directly to loft specialist to weed out “looky-loos”, they seek buyers who have been pre-approved for loft specific funding, and most importantly they seek buyers who won’t back out of a purchase once the excitement has warn off.

Pocket Listings - Unlisted, unadvertised lofts in Downtown L.A.
Pocket Listings – Unlisted, unadvertised lofts in Downtown L.A.

In exchange for bringing buyers to the sellers, the agent often receives pocket listings and the team at LA Loft Blog has recently had 10 times as many pocket listings, delivering  twice as many amazing lofts to chose from.  As more and more people are moving to Downtown Los Angeles from West Los Angeles, more listings have become more private, and shied away from the MLS world of open listings.

At the start of this year, some new loft conversions came onto the market.  Corey’s team sent out marketing to many sites across the world of the internet, such as LAloftBlog.com. He is now finalizing the last details for a buyer client’s purchase of a loft that was initially a pocket listing.  Congratulations to this new happy home buyer and welcome to the ever improving neighborhood!   And the cycle continues —  Just in the past week, Corey’s team has received interests in the pocket listings and is getting many requests every day.

Pocket Listings Save the Day in Downtown Los Angeles
Pocket Listings Save the Day in Downtown Los Angeles

After a buyer meets Corey for the buyers consultation (for a video to see a overview of what is discussed click HERE), a buyer can choose to be exclusively represented by Corey and all of his pocket listings are made available to the buyer.

Don’t be fooled by outdated and incorrect listings on the internet.  Quantity is not the best when perusing the market.  Buying real estate is a big decision, and being happy with it is very important, Corey’s team is committed to helping the people make the best decisions by seeing several lofts that are the best matches, including the largest selection of pocket listings in Downtown Los Angeles.

Barker Block Lofts Amenities
Barker Block Lofts Amenities

Congratulations to Richard and Alyse – going into escrow on an amazing Barker Block loft!! — another pocket listing in our team’s secret inventory. Thanks to Russell Roney and our fantastic team for helping these smart buyers to see the bright investment before the general public was able to get in, and our buyers took advantage of the head start to beat the competition in this very competitive neighborhood.


If you’d like more assistance to find properties in Downtown Los Angeles, call Corey Chambers (213) 478-0499


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  1. It’s true!
    Nowadays it is really easy to find information on properties using the MLS from anywhere in the world. The huge amount of listings in the MLS database is not the best tool to meet the needs of buyers and sellers.
    Increasing daily requests for pocket listings and continue to grow in a market dynamic and alive as downtown.
    Thanks to pocket listing you’ll consider properties before the general public is able to get in! A big advantage I’d say! Especially in such a competitive Downtown lofts market where the buyer demands are becoming more numerous.

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