The Arts District – Lofts and a fantastic neighborhood!!

DTLA districts.
DTLA districts.

With many new lofts coming onto the market next month, I have decided to write a series of blogs on the Districts of Downtown Los Angeles.  If you are interested in purchasing a loft or just interested in the growing downtown area, it’s better to know the districts.

The Arts District is a district full of industrial buildings that are now converted to lofts as well as newly constructed lofts.

Some examples include:

Barker Block lofts (510 S. Hewitt St.  |  530 S. Hewitt St.), Biscuit Company Lofts (BISCUIT COMPANY LOFTS FOR SALE),  Gallery Lofts (120 S. Hewitt St.  |  130 S. Hewitt St.), Molino Street Lofts (MOLINO STREET LOFTS FOR SALE), Toy Factory Lofts, (TOY FACTORY LOFTS FOR SALE), Toy Warehouse Lofts, (TOY WAREHOUSE LOFTS FOR SALE).


Today the Arts District remains the home of artists, arts enterprises and many employed in L.A’s vast film and television industry .  The celebrated Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), now resides in the 110 year old, quarter mile-long former Santa Fe freight depot that stretches along Santa Fe between Third and 4th Streets. SCI-Arc’s reputation as an experimental anti-establishment school of architecture is a perfect fit with the community’s somewhat rebellious self-image and its student population helps preserve the areas youthful character.


The district has great restaurants and EATERIES  that typify west coast culture!.

  • Bestia (2121 E. Seventh Place; (213) 514-5724, a restaurant that earns aces: Wood-fired, well-portioned Italian food pairs with cocktails. The best seat in the house might be at the antipasti bar, counterside to the prep-cook duo tossing little gem lettuce salads and composing chicken liver bruschettas by hand.
  • Bread Lounge (700 S. Santa Fe Ave.; (213) 327-0782)  There’s no signage outside,  but inside a excellent neighborhood bakery.  Choose breads alongside raspberry-peach preserves at the counter and chunks of real potato in the potato rosemary loaf.  Or try the börek, a Balkan phyllo pastry filled with cheese and meats or vegetables, sits near the timbale and ham-cheese croissants.
  • Pizzanista (2019 E. Seventh St.; (213) 627-1430, slices of pizza run $2.75 to $4, with the pepperoni, Daiya cheese and plain cheese $2 all day Tuesday. Even the Meat Jesus — a pie topped with pepperoni, sausage and bacon — is more conscious than it lets on, with meats frequently coming from humane sources. An emphasis is placed on local ingredients, with vegan options also available.
  • The Daily Dose (1820 Industrial St.; (213) 281-9300, a café.  The formidable Farmer sandwich is a best-selling behemoth and a microcosm of the chef’s take on eating fresh.  Sliced diagonally, the topography reveals pesto, bright ancho chili jam, burrata, a house-made veggie patty, a sprinkling of chopped scallions, guacamole and halved fingerling potatoes, all layered within a giant square of ciabatta. 
  • Eat.Drink.Americano (923 E. Third St.; (213) 620-0781, The menu is a concise range of sandwiches, soup and salads.  Lunch is available from 11:30 a.m. to about 5 p.m.

DOG PARK:  Besides the dog park near Grand park, Saslow Dog Park is the only other dog park located in downtown. Located at 1004 E 4th St.

LOCAL GROCERY:  local options are Cookbook, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and McCall’s but Urban Radish beats them hands down on service, quality and price.  In the summer of 2013 the Urban Radish opened in the Arts District (661 Imperial St

  • Urban Radish is an upscale and local grocery store next to Church & State in Downtown Los Angeles; while it is small, it features everything you would need to make a meal from vegetables and fruit to dairy, cheeses, seafood, and meats (it is kind of like an independent Bristol Farms); prices are about what you would expect for this type of store; a few items do feel very pricey; their fresh fish selection is small, but Urban Radish does feature nice looking US Choice beef (around the same prices or maybe a little less than Bristol Farms), a good variety of cheeses and several cured meats.


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