Lofty Goals: Purchasing a NEW LOFT in Downtown Los Angeles!

Loft pic2013 was a landmark year in the loft real estate market.  A huge number of lofts were purchased at the first of the year and people sought to improve their lives by moving into lofts in Downtown Los Angles.  This race to the loft market is easily understandable given the amazingly beautiful conversions that are being sold.

Investing in real estate, wisely, is a great way to improve your financial life.  Equity opens up excitement in a person’s life-style, it gives a reason to work harder to afford a life that they chose.  Beautiful architecture, lively neighborhoods, and being close to the business center of the west coast can provide a life-style like no other in the western US.  Buying lofts are a way to live the way you chose, but also to invest in real estate in a recovering market!

Loft goals are obtainable and they are a great way to make plans and reach goals.  Commonly people make plans to improve their physical and mental well-being, improve their career and finances, and getting rid of old bad habits.

Thinking positively about what we can do to laugh more often, enjoy life more, and live a life a little closer to the life we want to live can bring great results!


Sometimes smaller goals in life only take a certain amount of will-power.  For example, going to the gym, eating healthier, enrolling in that class you always wanted to take.  While larger resolutions may seem harder to obtain, they do come with a bigger reward.  With some resolutions we seek to change our entire lives.  Maybe, move to a new town, travel to that hard-to-get-to tropical island, our even getting married?  With a little planning even the biggest goals are obtainable.

If you have been thinking about investing in real estate, Downtown Los Angeles will be sure to excite you.  Visiting lofts and seeing the neighborhoods they set in is exhilarating.  This has been, and continues to be an Era of warehouse and factory conversions in Downtown Los Angeles.

Because of the competitive market for lofts, there has been a push to specialize in helping buyers to purchase these conversions.  As it is now, often developers work with only small handful of VIP agents prior to releasing their buildings to the general market.

Hundreds of lofts are getting ready to be put on the market in January 2014.  But right now we are among the few who have created relationships with loft developers and have VIP status.  Meaning, with us you can tour lofts before they are put on the market, with us you can make an offer before the general real estate market.

Let us help you map out the loft world to you.  We have experience in specialized needs, laws, financing that comes with purchasing a Downtown Los Angeles Loft.

Whatever your lofty goal is, we wish you success and happiness!


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The #1 Downtown buyer’s agent, Corey Chambers is a Top 6 Realtor® with a Double Platinum award-winning, 5-star Yelp rated team.  J.D. Power Award 2012 – Keller Williams Realty ranked Highest in Overall Satisfaction for Home Buyers and Sellers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms. DRE#01889449

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